Even through the hardest stretch of the livelihood, Jason Knight was ready for his next chance to demonstrate himself inside the Octagon.

Surehe’d simply lost his fourth consecutive fight, a unanimous decision loss to Jordan Rinaldi at UFC 230, but Knight had been a fan favorite, a traditional action fighter who had drawn stylistic comparisons to the favorite Diaz brothers (ergo the Mississippian’s unofficial moniker of “Hick Diaz”-RRB-. The Rinaldi fight was the second of a recently inked contract, so Knight had to reason to presume that his good association with the company would maintain him engaged.

On Thursday, Knight announced he had in fact been published by the UFC and proceeded up to to mention that a handful of promotions that he’d want to consider fighting for. It’s a fresh start for the 26-year-old featherweight, that would like to set a rough 2018 behind him.

“” I honestly thought that I could be ok since they like me. Everybody’s cheering for me personally every fight that I’t had, ” I ’t always had the fans behind me personally, especially the last two. Dana White and them still put me on the fs-1 mainevent spot, so that I think that they were expecting for me to get on top, but that I had a shit year,” Knight told MMA Fighting.

“No excuses, by no meansI had a whole lot going on and it led to making poor decisions. I do believe that once I get everything fixed and get everything back so emotionally, then I believe that I’ll be able to step back in the cage and move out there and have a great time and kick some butt again. ”

He made three $50,000 fight night bonuses during that elongate, life-changing money to get a youngman who like so many entered the sport with the complete soul and vacant pockets.

By his own admission, the pitfalls of being a well-paid fighter immediately tripped Knight up. After knocking out Skelly, Knight went onto lose his next four. The worst aspect of it all wasn’t just the poor results or how Knight has been fighting. It had been.

“I got caught up in the lifestyle,” Knight explained. “I won four fights in a row at the UFC, I left several hundred thousand dollars. I moved from making 100 thousand dollars a fight and being able to live that life span of owning 100 thousand dollars in my account to following the Ricardo Lamas fight I only had a $30,000 paycheck. I still tried to call home the hundred thousand dollar lifestyle for a while like I’d that money .

“Next thing that you know I started getting myself in debt and it moved out of I had been fighting for pleasure since I had to fight to find the cash. I had to find this cash to get my life back right, to get back at the top. What I’m doing now I’m just about completely out of debt and that I ’m getting my life where I don’t even have to worry about fighting to give my loved ones and stuff. I’m providing for my family beyond the I will get back to fighting for the love of this fight. ”

He’s currently in the act of ensuring that the every thing is so at his gymnasium that it could run when he returns to competition (Knight still intends to run his fight peaks with Belcher’s team), he intends to complete shortly.

Where Knight’s talents will be properly used remains to be seen. On the American sidehe mentioned Bellator, Titan Fighting Championships, and Legacy Fighting Alliance as chances — that the two recognized routes to the UFC — but Knight also said he’d really prefer to fight at Asia for the very first time.

“I harbor ’t really paid much attention to the rules but that I had been down with Pride rules back at the day,” Knight explained. “The way I consider is if you may knee me into my mind standing , how is it much f*cking worse if we’re on a lawn? In the event that you may football kick me into my mind on the feet, then is it much worse if we’re the ground?

“The one thing I think would suck is if you’re getting foot stomped at the face and the mat’therefore are perhaps not giving any sacrifice for the thoughts or anything. ”

According to Knight, he abandoned UFC in good reputation and he expects it will only take a few wins for re-signed; howeverhe’therefore keeping his options open and if a long term deal with another promotion is sensible he’s for this.

The only thing Knight may guarantee is that the next company he works for will be getting the ideal version of him yet.

“” I presume that it had been a terrific learning experience,” Knight explained. “I’m still young. And that I understand that the next moment, once I put back at the top and that I start making that sort of money never to sit and attempt to act like that I ’m f*cking ballin’. I moved from being a broke-ass kid all my lifewithout having any money, to all of a sudden with $200,000 dropped in my lap.

“What did I really do? I moved and that I splurged and that I had fun and that I left a lot of stupid, young mistakes, but ’s items I can hear from and that I ’m eager to see where my livelihood goes in the future. ”


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