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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Nashville Predators forwards Austin Watson states the arrest last year that resulted in his 18-game suspension came after he started drinking again after 2-3 weeks of sobriety.

The Predators’ Austin Watson, whose suspension for domestic violence has been reduced to 18 games with the arbitrator in October, is eligible to return Thursday vs. Arizona.

Watson said Friday in an Insta-gram article that he’s been dealing with stress, depression and alcoholism since age 18. Watson said he entered the ’s drug abuse program after his June 16 detain and included that”I am now sober and committed to living a healthy lifestyle so that I can be the dad, partner, teammate and person I need to become.”

Watson pleaded no contest July 2-4 to domestic attack and consented to a judicial recreation app.

His girlfriend, Jenn Guardino, issued an announcement in October taking blame for the episode and saying Watson would never hit or mistreat her.