After Angola’s surprising victory against Qatar, here are a Few of the responses from the protagonists: 

Valero Rivera, coach Qatar: “They played excellent from first, they deserved the win, also out of our side…within my own opinion this was our worst game in the previous five years for Qatar. We played like a team with experience, like a team with panic, just such as a very, very, very very small team; we all deserved to loose the game and it’therefore overly difficult for us, even too difficult for all of us because nobody thinks that these things happen, however this is game. 1 team played excellent, and yet one team played very lousy. After tomorrow we have another game and from today we must look at the next game and the game against Angola…we all must make an effort not to consider it never again”.

Giovany Muachissenge, Angola’s goalkeeper: “This victory means a great deal for all of us. We have been in a global Championship, on the list of most useful 2-4 teams on earth and it’s essential to begin with a victory. We are aware that we are in a really difficult class, however we’re here to compete head to head against everybody else, knowing why these are the greatest teams from Earth. For mepersonally, this was a great match, I worked really difficult to accomplish that, I really expect I can keep on in this manner for the subsequent games. We’re confronting Hungary next, a very well-respected team, with players who are playing the very best championships in the world, however we’will head out there with exactly the same humility as today to win the game. Since we finished continue the last World Championship, our goal this time is to improve that last posture ”.

Edvaldo Ferreira, Angola’s right wing: “I don’t think I could say this is Angola’s important victory in history, however that I can say it’s very important to begin a tournament with a triumph. Our goal was to increase our final performance, also now we ’ve done this by winning our first game, as we’d lost most our matches over the last World Championship. Except from me (he plays at Egypt), the remaining part of the group plays in Angola, so people ’t needed a month-long groundwork in Angola and approximately 10 days in Poland. We’re gonna move match by game today, this will be the mindset we built to be able to go on the court and attempt to take Angola as much as you can in the tournament”.