The Saints are 5-0 in postseason matches from the Superdome from the trainer Sean Payton era, in comparison to 15 on the street (not counting on neutral site games), in that identical time period. In the event the path to the Super Bowl goes through New Orleans, the Saints will probably soon be a tough opponent to overcome.

“It is wild. It’s energetic. It’s amazing,” said left tackle Terron Armstead. “In my viewpoint, I really like it. I love to appear back at the ence from behind the benches and watch people yelling and going mad, jumping. I enjoy it, man”

However, exactly, is it like this?

The Superdome certainly isn’t the fanciest arena, because it’s the seventh-oldest arena now being used. It’s technically not really the loudest, even though it stands up there on its greatest days.

Even a 2013 attempt to set the record for world’s loudest indoor arena failed once the noise level got to only 122.6 decibels, short of the record as well as short of the 136.6 which has been registered at Seattle’s Century-Link Field the exact same year.

“I feel it’s the essence of the ence,” Armstead said. “It is individuals who are in the ence. … Some people awaken and receive their daiquiris going. … It is the people in the ence in New Orleans which make our do-me this kind of advantage”

Saints tight finish Benjamin Watson put the Dome up there with Seattle’s scene and the older RCA Dome in s among the loudest from the league.

“It is possible, apart from several of those SEC matches in college, it’s definitely the loudest arena,” he explained.

There was an occasion when the Dome was not much of an benefit of all, as Payton quickly pointed out. In the years before he arrived, the Saints were defeated in the home. They certainly weren’t exactly unbeatable at home throughout non-playoff years from 2014-2016, either, also Payton would be the very first to admit that.

“It’s a challenging spot to play with whenever you get a fantastic team,” he highlighted. “But if you went back and looked at the records from the do me prior to’06, 3-5, 3-5, 4-4, 35, 3-5 with the play off triumph. Perhaps not long ago here, it was not too rough a spot to play with whenever we were struggling. I believe part of that is what kind of team you are fielding so when you find the mixes of a good team and the crowd noise and then you have some thing. I believe a lot has to do with the talent amount of your football team”

When the Saints have reached their most useful, the Dome is an incredibly tough venue to get a opposing team.

The 2009 Saints, the only real team in franchise history to gain a Lombardi Trophy, played with two matches at the Superdome from the postseason, soundly defeating the Cardinals 45-14 and beating the Vikings 31-28 in overtime to advance to the Super Bowl.

The Superdome was special that season, also Watson, afterward a member of , remembered coming back to play with there on Monday Night Football earlier that year. It had been so loud he could hardly hear his teammates alongside him. The Saints walloped , 38-17.

“It is kind of a hierarchical relationship where, of course if the fans are into it, and we emerge and go three and out, and the defense lets them drive all of the way down the field, then it’s not going to be intimidating of a feeling,” Watson explained. “But when we turn out, score a touchdown or two, the defense creates an end, then it kind of creates this avalanche which produces it rather tough for opposing teams to enter.”

Watson noted it’s difficult enough for the Saints themselves to convey throughout certain games in your home, but opposing teams often have to modify to hushed counts just to get off plays.

Added defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins:”We understand how special it is to play with there. We understand the benefit it gives us with the noise level. When teams are in here, to a level they gotta reevaluate things. They can not come in here with a lot of exotic key term and a whole group of what to say. As it’s damn near impossible for us to convey because of defense, not to mention an offense hoping to sit up there and assess things using four seconds to the clock. So it helps us. We think it’s great — sometimes we despise it, because we can not communicate among ourselves. But we’d much rather have that than a silent location.”

In the event the team is on very top of its game, then your crowd will be well.

“you could have a bunch going mad, however, you have to let them have grounds to crazy. You have to let them have reasons to celebrate,” Armstead said. “But the do me is a plus, to get sure. I mightn’t try to downplay it”