Reactions following the game between Argentina and Hungary showed that even though not one of the teams gained the victory, they were content with obtaining a primary point in your competition.

István Csoknyai, coach Hungary: “The very first game is quite demanding for all of us and it had been extremely tough against Argentina, because they play with extremely speedy , and today we didn’t play with so awful, but minus easy goals, without goals out of fast break and by the fires, so it was a huge problem for us to night.

Ferenc Ilyes (HUN): “I presume people may ’ve thought that Hungary would triumph now, but we, both the players and the whole team knew that we’d possess a quite difficult game now, and it came true, and also in the long run, we ended with the draw. Taking a look at the previous ten minutes we can declare we may be pleased with this attraction, but for us, the planet Championship has only started, we’ve got a great deal of games at front of us and I’m sure we can proceed through from the class phase”.

But it’S-A bittersweet feeling at the moment we thought we might choose the 2 points, but it is what it is. This is the way we’ll know we have 7 debutants at World Championships, so we may use all this adventure and take it to the upcoming matches, which can be hard since well”.

In the event that you’d ask me before the start of the championship, of course I’d ’ve ‘depended ’ with a lure, however, how things were at the end makes us feel that we can ’ve ever taken the triumph too. But of course, Hungary and Sweden would be the principal contenders for the direction of their group, so getting points out of these is of course very important”.

On exactly what set them apart from the victory: “We began very badwe couldn’t score also it had been hard because you have to catch up, but we achieved it; so I presume in the long run we all overlooked some sharpness to have that ball in, but all in all it had been a wonderful game. We have a positive feeling, of course today it’s a bit awkward because we understand we can ’ve won, but should we produce a balance, needless to say this point is quite favorable for all of people rdquo;.

Regarding his debut in a formal championship with the national team, Crivelli said: “I feel great superior, getting an outcome like this in my debut, also having that many moments of course is fantastic, I was not really expecting it and I’m very happy about this ”.