McNair’s hiring has been first reported by the Los Angeles Times.

In a highprofile defamation suit, McNair detained the NCAA’s Committee of Infractions of ruining his training career as he found him guilty of dishonest conduct when Bush admitted improper benefits at USC, where McNair trained for six seasons and helped direct Bush to a Heisman Trophy in 2005.

McNair has not trained in the college or degree since 2010, but was training high school football in Sun Valley, .

A four-year NCAA investigation concluded that McNair knew or should have understood that Bush had admitted 280,000 worth of improper advantages. McNair maintained he had no comprehension of Bush or his family accepting those positive aspects.

McNair’s lawyers argued that the NCAA strove to make an example out of him. He testified that once he lost his job at USC, his spouse Lynette took work as a parking lot attendant. He was likee made to work with his retirement capital also had to live off of food stamps.

In May, the jury ruled in favor of their NCAA.

This is simply not the first time that Bucs new head coach Bruce Arians has hired a staff member who fought to find work after being exposed to harsh and controversial punishment from the NCAA. Arians offered an internship with the Arizona Cardinals at 2015 into David Kelly, a former University of Central Florida helper that was made to resign by the school from 2011, inspite of how the school sentenced its sanctions and won. Kelly has since landed on his feet as Florida State’s wide receivers/recruiting coordinator.

McNair played for Arians at Temple University and with the Kansas City Chiefs from 1989-1993, before training together with him on the Cleveland Browns staff from 2001-2003.