Kubiak’s potential come back to the team — some team president of football operations/general manager John Elway said had been an opportunity the day after the Broncos closed their 6-10 season — had been one of their most talked-about topics throughout the team’s training search.

Although Kubiak won’t be on Fangio’s staff as a result of differing ideas about the team’s potential offensive doctrine and a number of the other assistant coaches who’d be hired, sources said, the chance remained Friday that Kubiak will remain as part of their Broncos’ personnel department.

It was cloudy, but what would happen if a second team pursued Kubiak having a coaching opportunity.

The Broncos were also talking to Mike Munchak about a spot on Fangio’s coaching team, sources said, and a deal can be finalized as soon as the weekend. Munchak, whose contract as offensive line coach for its Pittsburgh Steelers would be set to perish, was one of the five candidates the Broncos interviewed for its head-coaching project and decisionmakers had narrowed your choices into Munchak and Fangio.

Kubiak, the top coach for the Broncos’ Super Bowl 50 success, stepped away from coaching after the 2016 season because of health concerns. He has been at the personnel department for much of their last two decades and has been given an expanded role in personnel last season.

In general, Kubiak has spent nearly a quarter century with the Broncos, including two years as a player, 1 1 years on Mike Shanahan’s coaching team and his two years as the team’s head coach.

Just before Fangio was officially introduced as the team’s 17th head coach Thursday, he had an extended relationship with Kubiak, also Elway said he planned to meet with Kubiak after that day.

When Fangio was asked about the chance for Kubiak connecting the coaching team, he said:”None of the assistant coaching positions are discovered yet, and before things are ironed out and iron-clad, I would like to not comment on that. However, Gary is a hell of a coach. He’s a man I have admired during my career in the , with competed against him at several stops. If Gary is curious, then I am curious.”

And Thursday day, Elway had added:”I know Vic met with Gary [on Thursday]. I have not had a opportunity to get a sense of the meeting. I’ve speak with Vic. I believe Gary want to really go on the offensive side, but none that was settled”

The Broncos, who purchased four different starting quarterbacks from the past two seasons, finished 19th in offense this past season and 24th in scoring.

The 2019 season will mark the fourth separate atomic planner the team has already established in a four-season period.

“This starts with some continuity. It’s definitely going to be quite critical for us to get some good continuity on the offensive side. This will be our fourth largest system in four decades.”

When asked what he desired in an offense, Fangio stated Thursday:

“We spoke about an offensive doctrine and that I rely on balance, but balance instantly involves mind [as] pass and run. There are other items that need to be balanced in playwith. Do you throw it short, intermediate or deep? Do you run-in inside, outside or possess deceptives? Do you conduct gap zone and schemes strategies? Are you play-action, movement departure game?

“When I say balance, I am not talking about just how lots of runs and how many passes. You have to have balance inside your passing game and on your running game. I understand that from being forced to defend it. That’s what we’re looking to do.”