“That hurt a little bit,” Goodwin said. “He is a pal of mine. We worked together in the afternoon with the . It’s tough to develop something from the ground up with twelve months. It’s like,’Hey, I’d like one to begin out this Fortune 500 company, but you have 12 months .’ That’s impossible. And that is what he had been tasked with. But God can appear after him. He will be okay in the long run and hopefully he’ll find another chance”

This offseason was specially difficult for minority trainers. Five of those eight trainers fired during or after the 2018 year — Wilks, Hue Jackson of those Cleveland Browns, Todd Bowles of those New York Jets, Marvin Le of those Cincinnati Bengals and of the Denver Broncos — are black. That has left just Anthony Lynn of those Los Angeles Chargers and of this Pittsburgh Steelers because the only black head coach in the .

Meanwhile, of those eight head-coaching vacancies, not one minority has been among the six hires made, though sources told ’s Jeff Darlington on Friday day that up on finishing their interviews, the Miami Dolphins are”trusting” to engage New England Patriots Brian Flores, who’s black and the son of Honduran immigrants.

Goodwin, who served as the offensive coordinator under new Tampa Bay head coach Bruce Arians for the Cardinals out of 2013 to 2017, has interviewed for all head-coaching positions over the years, including the Bucs at 2016, but struck several road blocks.

“Every time I went in to meeting,’you do not call plays.’ I did call plays at the pre season,” Goodwin said. Arians has been the playcaller at the normal season. “Are we looking for playcallers or so are we trying to find leaders? Leaders of men, that can help build an organization from the ground up on the football side.

“another explanation was,’Well, we don’t enjoy your staff.’ A lot of my team continues to be coaching. A few guys are coordinators at the now who’ve had a lot of success that were in my list.”

Goodwin then alluded to teams not accepting the Rooney Rule seriously. Under the rule, which has been embraced in 2002, every team is required to interview at least one minority candidate for head-coaching and general-manager positions.

The rule has been scrutinized in the last few decades, though, as many believe teams have made a mockery of this by bringing in applicants that are not recognized to have a legitimate chance of earning the job.

“I can’t say that about the others. Therefore people were interviews. I loved that chance”

Goodwin said one particular roadblock he’s faced has related to being an offensive-line coach; he also said teams need a coach who can develop quarterbacks and it has predicted plays.

That is something Bowles, the Bucs’ new defensive coordinator, additionally said is an issue.

“You can say there’s a trend,” Bowles said. “Everybody wants the most up and coming signal-caller. I believe it’s more of the offensive mentality right now as far as the league, so far as the rules are moving, what’s moving contrary to the defense so far because the drama that could be conducted, therefore everybody’s rushing to find the next offensive genius, as we say.

“I actually don’t know whether it’s really a slap at the face area, one way or other. That’s just the way in which the league belongs. It’ll switch back and we’ll see who’s standing when those ideas return .”