To get Harrison Burton, trips to Daytona Beach, Fla., have always been as a visitor, generally to be about hand because his dad, Jeff Burton, has been still competing in events.

This season is different.

He will conduct the whole season at the No. 18 to get Kyle Busch Motorsports, competing not just for rookie of the year honors also for the series tournament.

That’SA tall order for the 18-year-old, however it’s what he’s been dreaming about since he was old enough to select hurrying was his career of preference.

Burton took his first laps as a rival on Daytona International Speedway on Friday, the first of a two-day ARCA evaluation.

“I’ve ever been here like 10 to 15 times, seeing with my daddy and my uncle (Ward Burton) race along with my cousin (Jeb Burton) race.

“It is a lifelong fantasy coming true to race in Daytona just because of what it means for our game, its own history and where we all come from. This place means a lot to our fans. For a really, very little part of this is actually cool for me personally.

“I’t been awaiting turn 18 for quite a while and I finally made the cut, therefore I figure I will finally run with the big boys now, right? ”

Burton stated the course time at the ARCA evaluation this weekend was valuable, especially for some one who hasn’t competed at a superspeedway race.

Single-car runs really are pretty straightforward but the draft is made up of whole great deal of little issues that you can not ever think about that mean a lot,” he said. “You see the guys that do it well and most fans and many in the game don’t have any concept of all what exactly they’re doing every second that help them.

“I feel it gives me a leg up on a number of the different rookies. I still have to locate a means to make up for years of experience, but we’ll discover a method. ”

Burton has experienced victory throughout his racing career.

Burton made his debut at the using KBM at 2016 in Martinsville, Va., shortly after turning 16 years old. In 14 career Truck starts, he has won one pole and published three topfive and seven top-10 finishes.

While Burton clearly has experience, his first full season at the will kick off and help define his legacy in a game in which his family has played such a large function.

To help fans understand how much this moment means to himthis week he popped the first of what is going to soon be a series of videos chronicling his 2019 season.


“It’s chilling, exciting, nervewracking, what you can think about,”” Harrison said. “I’m at the door step of being able to try this for my own career. This is actually the trail you require, competing at the .

“It’s so exciting for me personally to be in a position to go outside and know I’m going race for a tournament this season with Kyle Busch Motorsports equipment, it’s pretty awesome. What a great opportunity.

“While we’re speaking about this all, my gut is getting all antsy. I’m prepared togo. I’ve tried to take it into some other amount of groundwork. I always try to set a great deal of work in but now it’s really turn into an everyday item. ”

There’s certainly a whole great deal about Harrison’s plate in 2013 — launch a full time career, winning races and sometimes even a championship.

Every team or driver enters a brand new season with aims, but how do you approach a year with so much online?

“I must keep focused on the present moment. I can’t get caught up in what is coming in the future,” he said. “You have to do what you could do now, and ’so everything you can perform.

“I’m super-exited for to race at the . We ended the season pretty strong running last four races a year. Last year was hard for me personally because I was in a different car every single weekend.

“it was sort of hard to feel you had a house, but forget about. ”

The times of seeing with his uncle and daddy race have past for Harrison.

All the prep, the trips around the country racing assured of one day bringing the opportunity to compete in , the picture watching, the workouts all of that has come to a destination point.

The following month, Harrison will need into the trail seeking his first Daytona victory.

That is his time.