Both British clubs are two of F1’s very successful, asserting 17 constructors’ names and 296 victories between them, but neither has won a race since 2012.

have not won a title since Jacques Villeneuve’s 1997 success and, having enjoyed a return to prominence at the start of V6 turbo-hybrid engine era in 2014, slumped to last from the constructors’ championship in 2018.

Speaking at the Autosport International Show, Brundle said:”The problem with and to an extent is they truly are out where you need to be nowadays in Formula 1 ).

“You need to be described as considered a manufacturer group or even a and -style B-team with the hand-me-downs.

“That leaves a void in the middle where and end up because they’re not works teams and they’re undoubtedly not B-teams.

“Let’s wait and see if this works on them. I expect it can, in a way.

“But it’s tough for them when they are fighting a team like , which has a very different business model, plus they’re getting a great deal of materials from and Dallara.”

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Several F1 teams, for example , criticised throughout the 2018 season because of its partnership with Ferrari, that supplies the American team with different roles as permitted by regulations.

Brundle said the only way to protect independent teams against such relationships is to force famous brands out of F1, and he insisted:”I really don’t want to find the back of teams or teams like that.

You have to check after your maverick billionaires, you’ve got to check after your manufacturers too.

“There’s got to be something for everybody.

“I’d imagine [F1 sporting boss] is fighting over this very morning and every other morning and afternoon seeking to find a template for the future of Formula 1 ) .”

has since hired former Porsche LMP1 boss Andreas Seidl as managing director to finish a significant management overhaul over the past 12 weeks.

“Seidl is obviously an extremely successful man from the world and also his CV speaks for itself,” said Brundle.

is restructuring, you can see what they are up to.

“It feels like a sensible consultation for me personally that has got arrangement and some kind of plan on it.

“It is still another brick from the walls of trying to get straight back where they belong in front part of the area.”