FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Nobody should share with Philip Rivers he has never defeated the quarterback who will soon be on the other side of the field Sunday in a AFC divisional-round playoff game against the New England Patriots. The LosAngeles Chargers quarterback knows full well concerning Tom Brady’s perfect record . In addition, he knows that while Brady can block his calendar annually to the AFC Championship Game, it’s an participation that has eluded Rivers for at least a decade.

These are not minor details which get lost on a quarterback who was around the league for over 15 years and has a photographic football memory. Rivers could have recalled beating Brady and the Patriots, especially if it were of both playoff match ups early in his career after Brady threw three interceptions in every single game.

But those were years past, and these opportunities to combine Brady at the Super Bowl champions’ club haven’t even come often for Rivers in the past couple of years. This Sunday against the Patriots could become considered described as a seminal moment in his career if he can outduel his accomplished play off counterpart to the very first time.

“Needless, Tom’s worried about our defense just like I am theirs, but it is very special with a chance to move against a quarterback-led team in tombrady,” Rivers said this week.

Rivers and Brady have met seven times previously. The only success for Rivers and also the Chargers against the Patriots arrived when Matt Cassel was in for an injured Brady at 2008.

“I wasn’t conscious of that,” Chargers coach Anthony Lynn stated. “However this is previously. That is precisely what I consider doing it. It’s Before. We’ve got an chance to do it on Sunday. Let’s get the most out of it. ”

Despite New England being a four-point popular, many consider the Chargers to function as much better allaround team or at least a very lively underdog.

The contest will contain the oldest set of starting quarterbacks at postseason history, with Brady in 41 years of age and Rivers having turned 37. That is a combined 78 years and 198 days between them both.

“Nice. Nice and older,” Brady stated with a grin on Friday. “That’s a pretty good one on the market. That is pretty cool. ”

Brady clarified he still relishes the opportunity to play with the game he loves. That is easy to state when he’s on the point of reaching an eighth straight AFC Championship Game.

This season was a revival for Rivers and the Chargers (12-4), who ended with a better album than the Patriots (115 ) for the very first time as 2009.

“It exists and can be there, and I really mean this: I don’t even believe I’m playing Tom.

“Surely , it’SA Tom Brady-led team, and we understand how things work with the quarterback and the top trainer and with the listing attached to it. We’ve got a heck of a challenge with our offense going against their defense. … You’re mindful of that stat that’s out there, nonetheless it’s not something I spend time thinking about. ”

That is because the competition is virtually non existent. Rivers and Brady have played against each other just twice in the previous seven seasons. Rivers admitted they don’t even have a personalized relationship and haven’t even crossed tracks frequently off the field through recent years. That’s nearly odd considering their durability and also the general quarterback fraternity which exists.

But it’s reality. Brady moved onto be a routine in title games using a few of Super Bowls, while Rivers resides at the Dan Marino sounding best quarterbacks to never win one.

“All of us work hard for up to now. These things aren’t ensured,” Brady explained. “Really hard for to this point in the season. Every team four months ago thought they’d be playing in these games. The reality is that really isn’t the way in which the NFL isstill. We’re very fortunate and have to venture out and attempt to use it. ”

There was an occasion as it looked Rivers-Brady was headed in the direction of that which Brady-Peyton Manning became. Eight years into Brady’s career, he had faced Manning three times in the postseason and Rivers twice.

Those were at Rivers’ first couple of years being a starter, and he was just 26 and fast improving. Surely there are more after that memorable 21-12 Patriots success in the AFC Championship Game throughout the 2007 season when Rivers played a torn knee tendon. They finally meet again using something serious at stake 1-1 years later.

“Yeah, I mean, that had been quite a long time ago,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick said. ”

It has something to do with this all coming back full circle for Rivers. He has a chance to exorcise his demons. He contributes to Foxborough, the site of that championship game loss, and also to a venue where he has never won.

Rivers is 14 in his career (including playoffs) if the game-time fever are below freezing. He hasn’t even perform in such a game since 2014.

“Truly? That’s mad,” Patriots safety Devin McCourty Stated. “I don’t even think it’s going to bother him much. ”

Rivers has thrown seven touchdowns and six interceptions at the five career games in arctic temperatures, a breeding ground in that his counterpart has flourished. Brady is 24 7 using 63 touchdown passes and 24 interceptions in cold-temperature games; his .774 win percentage ranks right on top of quarterbacks to start at least five such games. Rivers’ .200 win percentage ranks 31st out of 32 qualifying QBs.

The odds are stacked against Rivers and the Chargers, who play the East Coast for the 2nd straight week. The fantastic news: They’re 8-0 in games outside of Los Angeles and bring perhaps their best team to New England because previous championship game loss.

This could be Rivers’ last — and best — possiblity for Brady, the Patriots that ring.