Since F1 evaluates ways to produce a better spectacle following criticism that cars are excessively downforce-dependent and overtaking is too difficult, Toro Rosso team manager Franz Tost suggested down-force degrees ought to be cut by “in 40-50%”.

He argued that only the drivers benefit from the present generation of cars that have tremendously higher cornering speeds.

“Frequently when you’re attempting to receive your face around an argument you should go on it into a intense and see what answer you receive,” he acknowledged.

“Should you proceed to the extreme of having no down force, you’d say well & ’s must be better as you are able to ’t lose something that isn’t you personally.

“So there’s a logic in the argument.

&ldquononetheless, it’s a lot more complex than that. You might make a car with half the down-force of a present Formula 1 car but using much, much worse weight traits.

“It might be too simple to accomplish. ”

Tost’s point was that reducing down force levels would make it much easier for cars to followalong with harder to push the corners and increase braking distances to advertise overtaking.

Symonds insists that elevated degrees of downforce are negative, and also lamented the absence of entertainment inspired by the emergence of the teams’ approach of conducting much slower than can be done during races to complete a brand new strategy.

“I want the cars to be quick, however I want them to be more spectacular,” said Symonds, who’s tackling a couple of projects with f 1, one of which is to fundamentally improve over-taking for 2021.

“When they have been really nailed into the bottom I don’t think they have been particularly spectacular.

“A rally car is spectacular. That’s something where you see the item is absolutely on the boundary of stability, it appears difficult to drive, so it isn’t easy to drive.

Especially at the moment where we’t made that the teams are running below the greatest performance to reduce the number of all pit-stops they perform.

“Then the cars appearing anything but spectacular. ”

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