’s impending retirement was a determination he had to take because he could be”enduring”, ” says long-lived rival .

The 31-year-old Briton announced on Friday he will quit this year, and also the next week’s n Open could possibly be the final tournament of his career.

“When you are getting on court without a transparent goal as you cannot go well and you have pain, then it’s enough opportunity to have a decision,” Nadal said.

“He’ll soon be a big loss for .”

Nadal, 32, knows a lot more than many players what it is like to battle injury having needed a catalog of serious issues through time, along with his knees and wrists specifically.

However, the Spaniard, a 17-time Grand Slam singles winner, says he never”arrived” at the point of atmosphere he had to give up the match.

“However, obviously, there are spans of time you do not find the lighting. It’s tough.

“I know it’s hard mentally. It’s tough when you own a very important factor, then another thing.

“Andy has probably been struggling to keep taking quite a long time. In case he doesn’t believe that the injury can become better, he has probably done the perfect thing for his emotional health.”

Scotland’s Murray first met Nadal, who has won 17 Grand Slam titles, even if they were teenagers and played against each other at junior tournaments.

The group have met 24 times as seniors, with the Majorcan winning 17 of these competitions.

“I always had good partnership with him,” said Nadal. “We discussed moments in my academy. We discussed courts at the main stadiums from the whole world, competing for the main things. That’s impossible to forget.

“So all the best to him. We will miss him. But today is him. To morrow just another . We’re not 20 any more. Our creation, everybody is more than 30 – those type of stuff happen.

“He will soon be a very important loss for us, for your area of , to get the tour, for the fans. But that is life. It seems like he had not a really long career because players are playing that longterm. But he has 3 1 – 10 decades back, if he murdered at 31,” we’d say he had a great and very long career.”