Certainly one of the most important hand ball players ever, Nikola Karabatic, will combine French national team on Saturday afternoon in Berlin. Even the 34-years old PSG hand-ball play maker suffered injury then needed a operation in October that had to help keep him out of this court until February, but miracle happened and he will find a way to aid his team-mates infighting the fifth environment ’s gold at sixth competition as 2009.

  • That I talked against the leaders of Paris-SG and conditions are all met that Nikola can unites usHe is clearly a essential player for us, but at this point, we must test, throughout training, his capacity to combine with the team — said trainer Didier Dinart, writes L Equipe.

For now, Nikola is going to probably be 18th playersitting to the tribune together with Melvyn Richardsson. It is expected to see him about the courtroom on January 19, when Main Round begins …

Nikola Karabatić stiže u Berlin!

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