Speaking in an announcement, Verstappen said: “it ’s interesting to see that from another side — normally you are able to ’t spend an whole afternoon with all the stewards!

“Everybody does their particular occupation throughout a [motorsport] weekend, and it’s good to really see exactly what it takes to produce these vital decisions — sometimes a determination might not be fine for some person however it has to be taken and also you’ve got to adhere to the rules. 

“I suppose it’s good to experience different things in hurrying as opposed to simply sitting at the car — to be here and do that sort of job was a good thing for me personally. ” 

Verstappen also reflected on his very first appearance in the FE paddock, calling the championship “a cool series”.

“I’t of course followed Formula-E somewhat on TV but I’t never been at the paddock, and I truly enjoyed your afternoon,” he said. “First of all, it had been an extremely exciting race. The tournament is obviously growing and you will find a lot of manufacturers , so I think that it ’s a cool series. ”

It remains unclear just how Verstappen will serve the next day of his public company, a punishment the hands outside as part of their educational philosophy it’s regarding incidents like the one at