William Byron finished 2 3 rd in the Dragon Energy NASCAR Cup Series final standings with four top-10 finishes in 36 races in 2018 while catching newcomer of those honors.

Before the ending of the summer season, Byron learned he’d find a brand new team leader in 2019 with the accession of Chad Knaus, who won seven series names using Hendrick teammate Jimmie Johnson.

Byron, 2-1, isn’t shying away from the challenges of the season ahead. Motorsport.com recently talked with Byron on an assortment of topics, for example his expectations of the coming season, dealing with Knaus as well as his thoughts around the Cup show schedule.

What would you take from the 2018 year old?

Byron: I’m quite satisfied with the results. We’d various things to proceed through and unique challenges but our objective is always to win races. And that is the expectation once we get into 2019. You wish to carry ahead and win this year.

Does driving the No. 24 car include more motivation or pressure?

Byron: It is a tiny bit of both, I presume. There is a whole good deal of motivation to try to establish yourself because car and try to produce a name to it and keep the heritage the 24 car has.

Byron: it had been a tiny bit of a struggle for us in the former year to find the car better and how we need it to remain competitive. I presume during the season we managed to close that gap. I believe this will continue this year. With the guidelines package being quite different this year I think that it will continue to help us conform to the guidelines with your car. I think we will have a lot better idea what we will need to accomplish to succeed.

How will things change dealing with Chad?

He is very motivated to complete it and that’s a really wonderful thing. We’ve got a lot of good people, young men and women within we, a lot of individuals who are prepared to have an attempt and win races. I’m excited about those matters and that I think that the team is fresh and that I presume his knowledge and expertise can help us long haul. Therefore I’m looking forward to work with him.

What want to see in terms of schedule changes?

Byron: the very top tracks to attend are the short paths plus a few of the street paths. We ought to maybe go to the venues the lesser level series go to more regularly and try those out. Frankly , I would change the amount of the races and also do some races during the week and also have less races so there is additional time for those buffs to type of re cover and before going to another race.

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