A Manchester City fan from Wakefield has talked about his surprise after he was asked by a television reporter whether he has become the new director of Huddersfield Town Football Club.

Martin Warhurst was in the crowd for its Premier League game at Huddersfield when cameras zoomed in on him, in the fact that he was Jan Siewert.

A Sky reporter was shown – while maybe not even discovered – asking Mr Warhurst if he was the newest German director.

He said:”I am Martin out of Wakefield.”

Siewert, a coach at German team Borussia Dortmund, has been tipped to take over the task of tackling Huddersfield.

Basically what happened is that I was sat in the crowd and suddenly I was aware of some guy coming towards me from the perfect hand side.

“He said:’Have you been Jan, the newest manager?’ I laughed and said’No, no, that is not me. I am Martin out of Wakefield.'”

He added:”That was all I been aware of it and then suddenly everyone’s phones and also my phone started going crazy, saying:’I have only seen you on telly.’

“There has been many reaction from people in the crowd – only people coming and having selfies and individuals tapping me on the back and wanting me luck”

Mr Warhurst confessed his likeness with Siewert but joked:”I am a much more attractive guy.”

He added that he would stick to the advancement of his own”doppelganger” and even offered some analysis that was overburdened.

“My tip, easily were the Huddersfield manager playing against a team such as Manchester City, I think if they played with a creation of 5-5-5 they might actually stand a opportunity!”


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