Never the less, the last punch stats told the narrative.

Broner landed only 50 cries in the entire fight, and that was never likely to be sufficient for him to overcome the 40-year-old Pacquiao (61-7-2, 39 KOs) to carry his World Boxing Association welterweight title on SHOWTIME PPV. The last punch stats reveal beyond a shadow of any doubt that Broner was in over his head against Pacquiao. Whenever you’re becoming out-landed just two into a from the fight, it’SA sign you didn’t sufficient to have the success.

Pacquiao linked to over two times as many punches since Broner failed in landing 112 of 568 shots for a 20% join percent, according to CompuBox’s stats. As the connect rate obviously wasn’t beneficial to Pacquiao, the sheer multitude of shots he landed when compared with Broner was more than enough to allow him to find the ‘W’ last Saturday night. Broner landed 50 of 295 punches for a 17 percent connect rate.

Broner said this about his operation at the post-fight news conference to the boxing networking:

“If you ask me I feel as if I won the fight. I’m not planning to sit with a sad face. You understand, I’m okay and I shall return and I will be champion back, and each of you [expletive] will still tune-in. At the end of your dayI’m still AB [Adrie Broner]…I always still wear those glasses such as fashion, ” I ain’t have a marker on me. It had been a helluva fight, you understand, ” I give props to Manny Pacquiao. ”

Broner was crushed to the punch the entire nighttime, and poorly rocked on several occasions by the 40-year-old Pacquiao. For Broner to stand and say he deserved the success, it comes ac cross as disingenuous on his role. Considering all the knowledge that Broner has as a specialist, he’s must know he didn’t win the fight. Broner was fighting too defensively in the second half of this contest, looking to live the whole 12 round bout to fight the next day. Broner opting never to admit he lost can be really actually a way that a number of fighters utilize to use and muddy the water by making impressionable boxing fans believe there was controversy that was actually none. It’s an older trick. If boxers don’t admit that they lost, it can help them retain their fans. At precisely exactly the exact same time, it disturbs the credit their opponent should be getting for having beaten them.

“With my operation tonight I feel as if I won the fight,” Broner reported. “My operation tonight talked for mepersonally. They thought I was really going to come back in here and also be from the sand and so they had been only going to go me and f– up me, and I came and I gave them exactly what they wasn’t searching for. Hell hindsight I think I won the fight. I don’t feel bad for myself personally, I feel well,” Broner reported.

This is really a terrible match up for Broner by the start. He also doesn’t well against volume punchers, also it had been situation where he had been put in where he had been going to get to knock Manny out or else he was going to lose by a wide decision. The three judges gave Broner more credit than he escaped in giving him 3 to 4 rounds against Pacquiao. It may have been much worse than if the judges were scoring precisely the way in which the boxing fans were all visiting. It had been hard to discover rounds Broner, because he had been fighting only fighting in spurts.

“They had been expecting that I came in here and just got destroyed, which didn’t happen. And, you understand, ” I knew I had been the underdog and so they had been contrary to me already but it’so ok. I’ll return and I will soon be champion,” Broner reported.

People were predicting that Broner would fall into Pacquiao, but simply due to his past losses once he’d stepped up against good opposition. Broner had already shown well before the Pacquiao fight he can’t cut it at the elite stage. The boxing press, the fans and also the oddsmakers had seen by Broner’s fights against the kind of Shawn Porter, Mikey Garcia and Marcos Maidana he loses when he steps up against fighters. Since Pacquiao is one of the better fighters on the welterweight division, it wasn’t hard for visitors to predict the end result because of his fight Broner. It’s possible to blame Broner because of that. When he had been as good because he believes himself,” he wouldn’t have lost to every one of those guys. The fact Broner keeps losing shows he’s not good enough to cut it on top level at 147.

Premier Boxing Champion management need to know Broner lacks the skills to overcome the best, so they are able to fit him appropriately contrary to fighters he can beat. If that implies that Broner should proceed back down to 135 or 140, then so be it. PBC needs to provide Broner some beneficial advice that he can get a better prospect of success with the remaining years he’s of his livelihood. Right now, Broner is on a downward spiral with his livelihood. When he doesn’t move back down in weight, he’so definitely going to perform out of usefulness for a b side opponent for the lions in the welterweight division.

“I fought champion after champion after champion after champion. Of course, if they ask me to fight anybody that’S-A champion today I’m gonna fight themrdquo; Broner reported.

At the previous seven years, Broner has fought only two world winners for belts and that has been Pacquiao and Antonio DeMarco. Broner did fight some guys that were champions like Mikey Garcia, however he had been fighting out his weight class in moving up to 140. All these will be the finest fighters Broner has fought his profession:

Paulie Malignaggi

Marcos Maidana

Manny Pacquiao

Gavin Rees

Adrian Granados

Vicente Escobedo

The problem with Broner is he’therefore lost against many of the good fighters he’s faced during his career, and he’s contentious fights at which he probably must have been supplied a loss. Broner’s fights with Malignaggi, Granados, Ponce De Leon and Vargas were matches that might have been declines for Broner. So instead of Broner’therefore album being 33-4-1 right now, an even more realistic listing wouldbe 30-8. Broner is quite lucky when it has to do with the scoring for some of his past fights. If you take the contentious decisions, Broner is more of a superior degree journeyman degree fighter than a championship degree guy.