FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — The New England Patriots have changed his focus to preparations for Super Bowl LIII against the la Rams, that highlights a stunning u turn from where the team was just a few weeks back, in mid-December.

It was the 2nd loss in a row, after a final-play meltdown in Miami the week earlier, to shed the team’s listing to 9-5.

Turning more to the game and trimming up parts of their shield, they unexpectedly transformed into a higher gear.

“We’t discovered a way to play our best the last four matches,” Brady explained. We’will need you more great game”

One of things which stood out to Brady was the way the ground attack has come to life, which helps when playing at a place such as Arrowhead Stadium. It had been telling that on the first play of Sunday’s game, the Patriots went enormous with their personnel, together with tight ends Rob Gronkowski along with Dwayne Allen, also full back James Develin. Running back Sony Michel rumbled ahead to an 11-yard advantage and, in a sense, the tone was set.

“You play with the street, it’therefore definitely going to be tough. What travels is running the ball. Playing tough. That’so pretty good in any weather, any illness, any natural environment, any stadium,” Brady said. “That was a major part of our game. ”

Players never gave up hope they’d ultimately get their groove, even though it came later than they ever expected.

“We would enjoy for the whole December, also after Thanksgiving, to get going,” McCourty acknowledged. “” I thought we’d flashes as a team — whether it had been Minnesota [about Dec. 2], Green Bay [Nov. 4], but then we proceed and maybe perhaps not play our best football in Miami [Dec. 9], and then Pittsburgh [Dec. 16]. ”

That’therefore the Dec. 2 3 home game against Buffalo was so important.

“Buffalo was like, ‘All right, guys, that is what it requires. This is what we need to accomplish,'” McCourty stated. “And then essentially playing yet another play off game the following weekend from the Jets, we wrapped with that type of mindset”

They harbor ’t stopped rolling since, that has got the esteem of coach Bill Belichick.

“There is lots of emotionally tough players in that locker room, lots of physically tough players in that locker room, plenty of guys that only head out and compete and will not cease, just combat you, irrespective of what the situation is, and let the chips fall where they may,” Belichick explained. “” I think that is a fantastic means to doit. ”

That mental toughness was characterized by the power to execute under pressure.

“” I presume you can find a range of small things that changed, but the greatest thing that’s changed is the way we & ’t implemented under pressure,” special-teams captain Matthew Slater stated. “We suffered those 2 losses and I don’t even think our mindset changed at all. We still had belief, we still had faith in our process, we still had faith in the other person, however we knew that hey, at any time this has to carry over to the game, we need in order to execute under pressure.

“Thus, I believe we’t done a better job of the the last four days we’ve got the football field, comprehending that we need to play a sense of urgency and no more ‘My bads’ & &; lsquo;I’ll get it the next time. ’ We’t made to begin performing now. ”