The business end of the Women’s EHF is drawing closer and the power houses who have their eyes put on the huge prize must be prepared to measure a degree.

Injuries have taken their toll for some teams, while some climbed stronger from recent years, yet there appears to be no definite favourites at the moment on the road to the Women’s EHF FINAL 4 in Budapest.

Let us take a look at how the twelve teams that jumped for this phase of the contest are shaping up before the restart of the contest this past week.

1 2. Thüringer HC

Herbert Muller’s negative scarcely got right through to this phase of the contest, but their self love and passion needs to be admired. The side is still young, had the hardest goal difference from the teams that were qualified, but may be a difficult nut to crack for any team whenever they’re given the possibility.

11. H C Odense

Along with Thüringer, the Danish side, who are looking good in their domestic team, had the most significant share of trouble to move to the following phase of their rivalry. While they boast veteran gamers such as or Stine Jorgensen, Odense were underwhelming from the group games and so they need to step up their game in the next months to hope for a quarterfinal place.

10. Brest-Bretagne

The season should have been great for the French club, but they just start the most important round phase with just two things. Slimming Bella Gullden through pregnancy will definitely hamper their chances to proceed to your quarterfinals. Brest surely will need to raise their defensive game when they are to challenge for a spot one of the best eight teams in .


There is really a Hungarian derby on the cards Group 2, but FTC will have a hill to climb if they are to struggle for a maiden Women’therefore EHF FINAL4 berth. With a young roster and also a leaky person, their chances appear slim, but improvement is potential and also the gift is still there to produce another measure.

8. Kobenhavn

Perhaps not losing against Brest supposed that the Danish side launch the most important round phase with three points. They do not boast a seasoned roster or huge celebrities, but can set up an attacking style of drama which can lead to difficulty due to their own opponents.


The youthful team is searching for their first ever Women’therefore EHF FINAL 4 berth, however, looks to be fighting in attack against the big teams. Playing against CSM and also Vipers will surely not help.

6. Vipers Kristiansand

was disappointing in the Women’s EHF EURO 2018, but Vipers did their utmost from the an top competition to start the most important round phase with four things. The Norwegian champions have six national team players, who bring experience and nous to the table and also may alter the results of a game. Two impressive wins against CSM Bucuresti and also Bietigheim in off games prove that they mean business.

5. CSM Bucuresti

Winter was tough for CSM Bucuresti, since the Spartan powerhouse lost both their starting right back and left back due to the same specific injury. Amanda Kurtovic and Cristina Neagu suffered ACL injuries, leaving the n side having a catastrophe that can hardly be covered by their present roster. CSM brought in 24-year old abandoned back Cla Constantinescu out of H-C Zalau, but they will still be analyzed, as their sort is scarcely encouraging for such a task.

4. Buducnost

Possessing a coach who has won the Women’s EHF could work wonders and this is exactly what Dragan Adzic can do for the young Montenegrin team. Their defence is one of the finest from the rivalry, just bettered within the number of goals conceded to Metz, while abandoned back Djurdjina Jaukovic was a breath of oxygen in attack, together with 36 goals scored from the first six matches.

3. Metz

Metz have never been a power house attack, however their defence was constantly strong from the past seasons. With 133 goals conceded from the first six matches, the French has been by far the most powerful in defence in the first six matches of their rivalry. They will have eight players who obtained EHF EURO 2018 together with France with this boost to an already strong sanity, Metz can fight for a first FINAL 4 berth.

2. Rostov-Don

Ambros Martin is surely one of the better trainers in women’s hand ball right today and he attracted discipline and defensive nous to some team that didn’t look motivated in certain matches last season. Rostov are unbeaten this season and have just dropped one point contrary to Brest, leading their group and holding the third biggest goal gap in the group games. Boasting the MVP of the Women’s EHF EURO 2018 in their roster, Anna Vyakhireva, surely helps their case to get against the rivalry for the first time.

Inch. Györi ETO KC

The current title holders have shifted their coach after Ambros Martin abandoned for Rostov, but they still roar loudly and seemed hopeless to discontinue. Scoring 2-10 aims in six matches has shown that their potential in attack, but they also have improved in defence by earning n line player Crina Pintea. The best line player at the EHF EURO 2018 may help the Hungarian side at the ends of the courtroom and will surely be of extreme significance at the run for the trophy.

TEXT: Adrian Costeiu / cor


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