The Italian company will provide five compounds this season, when compared with seven in 2018.

Pirelli will use three different colours to identify tyres at races at 20-19: the white will be the hard, the yellow is going to soon be the mild and the crimson will be the soft.

It’s confirmed that those three colours will soon be used in analyzing, but as you will find more substances than colours they will soon be marked differently therefore people can tell them apart.

There’ll be five compounds available to Pirelli this year:

Compound Inch  (the hardest) will likely be pronounced with snowy Pirelli branding, but without the traces around the outside wall of the tyre

Compound Two  will soon be marked with full white branding

Period 3 will soon be marked with full yellow branding

Compound 4 will soon be marked with full red branding

Compound 5 (the softest) will likely be marked with reddish Pirelli branding, but without the traces around the outside wall of the tyre

Pirelli considered continuing to use the multi-coloured manner it Brand-Ed each compound annually for analyzing.

But it chose to accommodate the machine it really wants to utilize all through 20-19 to prevent earning extra confusion.

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In comparison to last year, Compound 1 is the hardest and is the hard compound from 2018, whilst Compound 5 is the softest and exactly the same as last year’s hypersoft.

Teams and press will understand ahead of time that of those five materials come being used at each grandprix, but the new system is intended to make it easier for fans to spot and follow.