Ireland head coach Joe Schmidt says coaching the British and Irish Lions isn’t on his radar as he looks to expend time with his family following the Rugby World Cup.

New Zealander Schmidt will soon stand down after the 2019 championship to take a break from full-time coaching.

The Kiwi is regarded as a contender to lead the Lions on the tour of South Africa at 2021.

“It’s definitely not on the horizon for me,” Schmidt told BBC 5 live.

After finishing with Ireland after six years at the role, the 53-year-old intends to shift his attention back towards his family, also it has yet to consider further coaching positions.

“It’s just a change of attention. It’s a little bit of’time on’, and that’on’ would be family time,” he further added.

Schmidt says his principal responsibilities will probably be towards his teenaged son Luke, who’s epilepsy.

“We blatantly did not need to restate some of the family challenges we now have had, just because you have got to respect your kiddies’ privacy despite the fact that you’ve got a general job,” he clarified.

“However, it had been very much [because of] the push we got from Epilepsy Ireland, therefore if we can decide to try and normalise it and also lessen the stigma that’s linked to the illness – that will be pretty painful for the youngster – then it would help.

“so that it’s change of management indeed. I am going to be coaching, but I will be coaching one 15-year-old youngman to try and work his way through the inter-schools, and over come some challenges which are a bit past the kid.”


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