will play against for the first gold medal at World Championships on Sunday at Herning. Amazingly strong, persistent, tactically perfect, played team of Christian Berge tonight under anxiety at “Barclaycard Arena” at Hamburg, to outplay hometeam — 31:25 (14:12).

Sander Sagosen had everything in their hands, a lot of goals moves to Magnus Rod.

lead 3:1 initially, last time two teams were in balance on 9:9. What has been in Norwegian hands…

- 25-31 (12 14 )

: Uwe Gensheimer 7, Fabian Bohm 6, Fabian Wiede 5, Patrick Groetzki two, Tim Suton 1, 2 Hendrik Pekeler 1, Matthias Musche 1, Jannik Kohlbacher 1, Paul Drux 1.

: Magnus Rod 7, Sander Sagosen 6, Bjarte Myrhol 6, Magnus Jondal 4, Kristian Bjornsen 3, Goran Johannessen two, Christian O´Sullivan 1, Eivind Tangen 1, Magnus Gullerud 1.


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