From Allan Fox: WBO junior middleweight champion Jaime Munguia (32-0, 26 KOs) had to fight hard to defeat the overall game #3 WBO Takeshi Inoue (13-1-1, 7 KOs) with way of a 12 round unanimous decision on Saturday night on at the Center in Houston, . Both fighters were hurt on multiple occasions in the struggle, however the substantially neater 6’0″ Munguia prevailed.

Inoue didn’t even dish out as much punishment he took, however his constant pressure he was putting onto Munguia managed to get a struggle for its GoldenBoy Promotions star. It didn’t even matter that Inoue was outclassed, and much less successful since Munguia. He was putting in his licks and earning by being forced to brawl having a guy which was not going to be stopped no matter what Munguia earn his win the hard way. The thing that was interesting is that Munguia moved from being the pressure fighter to the of mover and a boxer in the second half of the competition. Munguia was moving around the ringand tying Inoue up to keep from getting struck. This was a big surprise a fighter with punching power would have that kind a direct impact on Munguia. He didn’t even like the pressure which he was being put onto by Inoue.

Munguia landed lots of body shots which were key to his success tonight. His moment in the struggle came in the round when he hurt Inoue using several hands and a right which had him backed up into the ropes and at big trouble. The crowd was on the edge of the chairs, believing Munguia was on the point for a stoppage. Inoue demonstrated no symptoms of having been hurt in the previous round and came back. Inoue was landing big shots onto the interior with Munguia. The punches were snapping Munguia’s thoughts.

“It was a wonderful fight. “” I was amazed . I received lots of cries on the rear part of my mind. After a couple of fights, I h to visit 160. Of course, I will accept the challenge,” Munguia said when asked whether he’d be thinking about moving up to middle weight to accept on World Organization champion Demetrius Andrade, who phoned him out tonight.

It was a thrilling struggle, and one among the most useful of the season. Inoue didn and munguia ’t given tonight to a inch, and they left for its fans at ringside and at home. In a struggle like this, it’s too bad since they looked just like winners tonight someone had to be a loser. It was a excellent effort from guys. A rematch between Inoue and Munguia would be an exceptional idea. It’s uncertain if will desire to keep Munguia fighting wars against Inoue, considering there are bigger fights out there for the star that is Mexican. Munguia was assumed to have won tonight’s struggle with ease. The manner that Munguia fought against Inoue suggests he wants to strengthen a great deal until he faces better opposition. Therefore, fighting Inoue since it’d expose the way faulty Munguia are at this early stage in his career. Fighters like Demetrius Andrade tells you he sees weakness he feels he could exploit.

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