fined $500,000 because of his role and was frozen following his triumph over October in Las Vegas.

On Tuesday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission voted to approve that the proposal s office and Nurmagomedov’s legal team.

When he concludes an anti-bullying public service announcement for their state of Nevada nurmagomedov will be eligible to have his suspension.

As the melee was comprised quite fast, penalties were still faced by Nurmagomedov because of his role in the brawl.

Nurmagomedov is susceptible to the handsome, that will be obtained from the $1 million purse the commission has been withholding following his triumph over McGregor. As the excess $500,000 will be returned to Nurmagomedov, $500,000 of the money will now pay the nice.

and athlete were suspended for one year each having another $25,000 nice after the fighters engaged in a brawl with McGregor in the 40, being appraised for each athlete as a penalty.

Those boxers won’t be eligible to return to activity until after Oct. 6, 2019 and all these pay the $25,000 fine to the commission.


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