Following a stellar amateur career, feather-weight up and comer Hunter Azure left a jump into the MMA positions in in August, 2018, and hasn’t looked backagain.

Since turning pro, Azure has won four of his charms, picking up finishes in each of those successes. Still, Azure isn’t happy with that which he’s been able to do within the previous year 5 dozen.

Azure features having the ability to get the transition from the amateur ranks to the pros with more ease to making the move out to the MMA Laboratory for his training to his decision.

On Friday in Phoenix, Arizona, Azure (5-0) looks to stay undefeated when he encounters Jaime Hernandez (4-2) in a primary card 135-poud bout at LFA 5-9.

“I’d three weeks from the fight date to contemplate this (the struggle ),” Azure stated. “I kind of just like the brief notice. To get this triumph become me and I need to head around. I must get yourself a little bit more aggressive and get that killer instinct. I feel this fight will seem good. ”

He knows he has to have patience as to not proceed too fast and not be ready for his opportunity when it arrives , while Azure would really like to find an chance to step around the following level of the game sooner than after.

“I always really like the sport and don’t even h to get to the platform . I would like to be in there and stay in there. ”

LFA airs on AXS-TV Fridays at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT.


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