Cage Warriors featherweight winner Dean Trueman isn’t even ecstatic about just the way his initial title defense against former lightweight winner Soren Bak has come together, however he is adamant he won’t permit the millennial wrestling ace to use him like a steppingstone to procure a contract.

Trueman clinched the title s feather weight tournament having a third-round stoppage of Aiden Lee in December. Although he thought he would have the ability to take some time off after his frenzied 2018 schedulehe asserts Cage Warriors told him if he didn’t even defend his title against Bak at Cage Warriors 103, the promotion could allow “True youthful ” to vie for an interim title.

“[Cage Warriors] put the opportunity on the desk and originally I was off; ” I was supposed to be off that weekend,” Trueman told

At a modern appearance on , Bak underlined his belief that claiming another divisional title would be considered a more impressive statement to make with a view to registering for the rather than defending his lightweight title, which led to his decision to carry on Trueman.

So far as Trueman can be involved, a mistake has been made by Bak.

It’s not like he defend his belt and can move up. He’s going to fight me and then he’will possess no buckle at all,” he explained.

Trueman furthered critiqued Bak’s ability, underlining his belief his striking is below the standard.


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