ATLANTA — for leaving them corporate customers as well as the others that this Super Bowl weekend Limousine companies are blaming their state of Georgia.

Limousines that aren’t insured and enrolled in Georgia are barred by state law. Firms say they should find an exemption for all special events like the Super Bowl. The country’s public safety chief says he won’t permit it.

The concerns were reported by Atlanta’s Fox affiliate, WAGA TV.

“We’re begging Gov. [Brian] Kemp to step in and protect the people of Atlanta, individuals of Georgia, the people coming from outside of town to allow us to safely handle their transport,” said Jeff Greene, president of the Greater Atlanta Limousine Association. Greene calls the problem”extremely, exceptionally pressing”

Kemp said he’s leaving it as much as Georgia’s Department of Public Safety commissioner,” Col. Mark McDonough, and the colonel says he’ll not bend.

McDonough said the law is needed for public safety, noting that chauffeured vehicles have now been associated with mortal accidents.

“They are basically asking the colonel of state patrol to put aside state law. “That’s not something I’m going to provide permission to do.”

Greene said firms were permitted to use out-of-state vehicles to handle the crush of VIPs throughout the 1996 Olympic Games and the 2000 Super Bowl in Atlanta. However, McDonough said he can’t obtain.

The problem is involving the state and the companies, a representative of the Superbowl Host Committee said in a Friday email.

In a separate email to the AP, Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau spokesman Heather Kirksey said,”We’re not aware of a transportation shortage.”

But limousine company owner Fred Rich said,”We’re going to need to break big contracts.”

“We’re going to have to share with major, leading corporate customers we can’t handle their VIP travelers,” Rich said.

Authorities have been advocating every one to make utilize of public transport.


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