Since Executive Director said, This has “become improper. There’s perhaps not any other athletes which I’know that have spoken in lots of press conferences in the way Mr. McGregor has. ”  He went on to say, “” We should predominate it in,” nevertheless also included, “we have no precedent for (doing so). ”

In this time, I am thinking, what is going on here? Have you ever heard of the 1st Amendment?

Keep in mind the church group, the Westboro Baptists, which protested outside a veteran soldier’therefore funeral. Even while abhorrent and damaging as it was into the family and friends the speech and protest has been preserved by the court. 

Marnell appears to presume when they follow some kind of protocol and procedure they could dance with this suppression of language. He stated, “” I presume we can be as strict as we wanna-be. What we don’t wan is come in out of left field and do this. What we want to do would be correctly discuss it fast, take feedback, abide by the people process, be certain it’s well documented — exactly what our expectations really are — difficulty a code of conduct policy which ’s maybe a bit more elaborate, and furthermore encourage our promoters to follow their own code of conduct policy. ”

We get swept up in our tiny corner of the world and imagine it even more important than it is in fact, but remember this game of MMA can be a sport and it’s entertainment. All these utterances from fighters in press conferences and on social networking are words, however offensive they might be. They are only words. And no matter what Chairman Marnell thinks about these, you can find many people who find it entertaining or they wouldn’t have shelled out millions of dollars for seats at the stadium or to watch Pay-Per-View making that the highest grossing event ever.

When asked about a potential 1 st Amendment challenge because he could be a portion of a government agency, Marnell responded, “I harbor ’t. I figure you can say whatever you would like at any moment, however this doesn’t mean you should make a license. ”

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In America, we don’t have the right to be free of discomfort that some words can cause. That is actually the price of entry to living in a society that is free.   You need to make a choice. Might it be worth using from being bruised, your sensibilities are protected by the federal government? As one day it are the heavy boot of government maintaining your tongue in check.


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