Bernard Tomic is”deliberately attempting to hurt” ’s Davis Cup team culture, says , who have retreated all of his support.

Last month, Tomic accused team captain of destroying the national golfing system, after Hewitt alleged he had jeopardized his relatives .

Tomic, 26, said Hewitt had been a”liar” and that”no body liked him”.

leader Craig Tiley said he had been”deeply disappointed” by Tomic’s”continuing apology”.

Tiley added:”Lleyton is to say Bernard won’t be looked at for Davis Cup. Bernard does not meet with the standards of commitment and behaviour to the team himself along with the sport.

“Now, he is deliberately attempting to hurt this culture – and never to the first time.

“We’ve given (Tomic) significantly higher than ten years of service. Eventually, we must draw on a point once the behaviour does not warrant the aid .”

37, former world number one Hewitt, responded to comments made by Tomic after his n Open fat loss reduction in Melbourne.

World number 86 Tomic asserted there was a”coict of interests” in Hewitt’s Davis Cup team collections and required he had been removed from the position.

He claimed some players were picked for the Davis Cup team – and also awarded n Open wildcards – because these were represented by a management company owned.

Tomic’s father, John, then said he proposed legal actions against Hewitt within an incident that took place at the 2010 Davis Cup, when Hewitt allegedly stumbled on Tomic’s accommodation in Taiwan and forced him to reveal who from was telling him what to say publicly.

John Tomic reported the incident had left his son”traumatised”.

“In relation to John Tomic’s recent claim in the media concerning an alleged incident in 2010,” we’re unaware of any formal complaint lodged by John or even Bernard,” Tiley said.

“Both the Bernard and John have enjoyed a great deal of support since in most areas of their lives – including a long and continuing period of private commitment and whole hearted attempt from as Davis Cup captain.”

Tomic have not played in the Davis Cup.