In commissioning T.J. Dillashaw to carry out the execution of this flyweight division, the — somewhat carelessly — abandoned its own bantamweight contenders at a bottleneck position on very top. Making matters worse, Dillashaw freaking sought out and lost to Henry Cejudo at Brooklyn, believing he didn’t so much closed things at 125 since he did breathe new life in it. ” he lost in 3 2 …and proceeded to make it very people that he sensed assaulted …also, at the very least initially, began insisting on a rematch at, to hell together with enjoying a piece of pizza.

At first glance it looked like an obvious No. 1 competitor ’s bout. At second glance it looked like a failsafe No. 1 competitor ’s bout, in case something didn’t even work out from the other scenario. The bets are never definitive from the , but right now at 135 pounds it’s a bunch of abstract contours, together with critters circling those contours like from the animations, those concussion canaries.

The most likely scenario — the most person that would find the and maintain one other contenders along — will be to have Cejudo show upto bantamweight and struggle Dillashaw because of his name. It’therefore perhaps not ideal, however it’so tidy. Cejudo defended his title against Dillashaw at 125 plus it ended controversially (at least some heads ), so doing it at Dillashaw’s even natural burden conveys a tt in to the sequel. Can it be a reduced edition of Dillashaw we watched a handful of weekends back? 1 way to discover. Besides, that fight under those specifications — economically kills off flyweight and gives Cejudo an all segue into his weight class.

(Sorry Joseph Benavidez).

Garbrandt. The initial sinner. Mr. “Zero Appreciate ” that got caught in the eddies of hype and had to dig deep to get his best self.

That is, when he beats on Munhoz.

Nothing to say other than to keep fighting the good fight words that mean different things each time the wind blows.


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