At 2018, featherweight prospect Lance Lawrence hit a tiny roadblock after a start to his career which saw him fight in all his first couple of years as a specialist.

“no fault of my own, personal, opponents pulled or the commission asking from a fight.

“I got ready to get an expert where the competitor pulled out match all the way to the afternoon of the fight. I pretty much trained the whole year getting ready for battles, although it was a 2018. ”

While the absence of bouts he had in 2018 disappointed him, Lawrence was able to persevere and use the full time off.

“I realized I’m likely to have to experience this and will have to undergo it again,” said Lawrence. “nobody said this was going to be easy. It’s more hours for me to hone my abilities. I do believe it had been meant to be, however I’m excited for 20-19.

On Saturday in Shepherdsville, Ky.,” Lawrence (4-0) will return to activity when he encounters Chris Dunn (14-9) in a 145-pound major event in HR MMA 105.

“He’has good take down defense and s a striker that is very good. That will be great if I will get him to the floor; but I’m not going to be more concerned about the takedown; I’m confident that my stand up can hang . I think that it ’s a very good fight and I’m so. ”

For Lawrence, after missing all 2018, he’s looking to carry matters because they come to the first half of the year before emphasizing his life outside the cage to close out 20-19.

“” I think I’m going to accept it and now fight by fight right,” said Lawrence.

“My goal in 2018 would be to be in the with about a few victories behind it, however I’m going to look to keep healthy following this February fight, then get an additional fight in May, June or July, then concentrate on my wedding at the conclusion of the year. ”


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