By Allan Fox:” says he thinks Sergey Kovalev will lose tonight if he encounters WBO light heavyweight champion Eleider Alvarez at a rematch. Ward anticipates former //WBO light heavyweight champion Kovalev (32-3-1, 28 KOs) never to have taken ownership of his previous defeat to Alvarez along with his 2 reductions to himself, and he’s predicting that he’s going to do much worse than he did at his previous 7th round knockout loss to Eleider (24-0, 12 KOs) last year in August.

Kovalev will probably be meeting 175 lb champion Alvarez on + tonight at 1 2 a.m. at The Ford Center at The Star, at Frisco, .

Ward (32-0, 16 KOs) defeated Kovalev twice, once in November 20-16 with a contentious 12 round unanimous decision, and another period at June 2017, a fight which also ended in controversy after three punches from Andre that most appeared to be really low.

“I simply don’t even think Kovalev, similar to both fights, takes ownership and responsibility of his lack of performance, and the defeat itself and the away from ring stuff, and all the items that resulted in both fights along with how those proved, along with his fight Alvarez,” Ward thought to Fighthype. Ward explained.

“finished. about Kovalev is the only way for him to prove that he’so back, to cement that he’so back, ” he ’s got to win two fights, because if he wins tonight, then guess they’re going to be doing next? “It’s going to become a rubber game. If we struggled , that was one of my motives in training camp, so I really did ’t even want to fight that dude a 3rd time. If he defeats me some way, I didn’t even want to have a rubber game. So he’s likely to get to do that if he wins tonight. It’s nearly like two to get starters,” Ward explained.

It doesn’t matter if there’s a third or maybe a fourth battle involving Kovalev and Alvarez. The people will listen to see the both of them face one another. There will be even more interest at a Kovalev vs. Alvarez third fight if Sergey wins to night. It’s good. There’s wrong with Kovalev fighting a time to Alvarez. He’ll make very good money, and then he ’ll keep him busy. They will go after another champions in the heavyweight division in a unification match, In case Kovalev wins that fight. That’s everything Kovalev. He would like to unite the 175 pound division.

The method by which the populace sees the Ward vs. Kovalev rivalry is the 2 really are 11, with Sergey having won the first fight, and Andre winning the instant. Even the fight was contentious from the 8th around that led to referee the fight stopping. Ward didn’t even prove that he was a better fighter than Kovalev. Both of the fights were corrupt due to the controversy surrounding the quickening from the non-call for that which seemed to be three non strikes from Ward in fight from the Warriors Weeks number 2, and fight 1. Neither guy proved that they were also better if any such thing. You can assert that the 2 coicts were in complete due to the officials shortly tainting positive results of fights. It was a bad means for Ward to get rid of his career with his win over Kovalev.

Ward is right about Kovalev maybe perhaps not being thinking about fighting with him, but for several reasons. Kovalev doesn’t even may actually feel that Ward is a much better fighter . It appears that Kovalev sees Ward since the guy, and which could make it difficult for him to overcome him lacking knocking out him, and isn’t even likely to be simple to do. Ward does a lot of mauling and holding, and it’s hard for Kovalev to throw cries if he’s working with a wrestler. It’s rough house tactics and a better for Kovalev to fight guys who’ve conventional styles, which do less holding, wrestling.


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