The prior welterweight title competition turned right into his most recent contest against Lyman Good and it seemed like maybe time had passed with the legendary entry specialist.

Never mind the fact that Maia had just fallen into the existing welterweight champion tyronwoodley, former diehard winner Colby Covington and current No. 1 contender Kamaru Usmanthere were still doubts regarding how far he’d left in the tank.

Maia quickly dispatched any questions regarding where he stands by wrapping an initial round entry to have back on the right course in his native .

After the battle got started, Maia wasted no time walking down Good poking round the cage and latching onto one leg take down to bring him. Good resisted the take-downs as best he could with Maia always pressing forward trying to bring the activity to his world.

Maia almost instantly latched on him in the act he gave up his back along with good eventually did manage to return again to his feet and began fishing.

It was a win for Maia but additionally a statement for its ian after many wondered if he was still amongst the elite welterweights in the world following those three lopsided losses in a row.

Afterwards, Maia addressed his long time whilst confirming that his retirement might be looming in the long run once he concludes his current contract.

“I have two more fights on the contract,” Maia revealed. “I would like to fight at the future event pick my life, and then to keep upward, then one more, whether I stop or keep.


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