Sergio Aguero Played with a Hat Trick as cut Liverpool’s Guide at the top of the table to two Things with a 31 win over , while ’s Amazing form under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Lasted with a 1-0 Success at Leicester.

recovered from a midweek hammering at Bournemouth by putting five past underside club Huddersfield and liberally cemented their top-seven spot in the table with a thoroughly deserved 31 win at Everton.

Cardiff City procured a 2-0 win over Bournemouth, Fulham’s hopes of avoiding relegation suffered a blow off using a 2-0 defeat at Crystal Palace and Burnley scored a stoppage-time equaliser against .

Newcastle were awakened by means of a overdue winner at Tottenham, while Brighton and Watford played a goalless stalemate.

However, which players got a spot within my own team?

Gareth Crooks' Team of the Week

Goalkeeper – Ben Foster (Watford)

Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster

What a season Ben Foster is now using. The 35-year-old has left my own team of the week on numerous occasions and I find myself forced to pick on him again after a glorious display against Brighton.

Jurgen Locadia must be glad to find the back of him. Could it not been Fosterthe Dutch striker may possibly have had a hattrick. The save of the game was with his or her feet. It’s heartbreaking that the England keeper has left himself unavailable for international responsibility – .

Did you know? Because the start of the 2016-17 season, just Lukasz Fabianski (346) and (326) have generated more saves in the compared to Ben Foster (294).

Defenders – Willy Boly (Wolves), Fernandinho (Man City), Victor Lindelof (Man Utd), Sol Bamba (Cardiff)

Willy Boly, Fernandinho, Victor Lindelof and Sol Bamba

Willy Boly: What a group performance by Wolves. Because he epitomised everything regarding his team’s 14, I have selected Willy Boly. The block by Boly in Michael Keane’s shot at the closing minutes of the game said everything.

The Frenchman threw himself at the ball to prevent what could have provided Everton using a lifeline. I do… confused.

Did you know? Willy Boly has generated more cubes compared to every other veteran participant within the this season (1-9 ).

Fernandinho: therefore normal service has been resumed. ’s win against was about as comfortable as it gets, considering the shock of losing away to Newcastle – that defeat had raised doubts regarding the ability of City.

I’ve said it before and I will say it , City will win nothing without even Fernandinho inside their. The Brazil started from the back four however spent a lot of the game playing. City boss Pep Guardiola has to obtain a location with this particular man within his team, he is too crucial to leave out.

Did you know? have won 19 of the 2 3 premier-league matches Fernandinho has played in this season.

Victor Lindelof: There certainly are a range of players within this new manchester-united set-up who I don’t recognise anymore.

Eric Bailly was a nervous mess a way against Brighton and Victor Lindelof was better – however the set looked as the superb former Italy defenders Fabio Cannavaro and Alessandro Nesta at their best against a Leicester team that is dangerous. Lindelof specifically is having fun with an authority I have not seen from him. What is Ole Gunnar Solskjear feeding?! to those boys

Did you know? Victor Lindelof has generated more clearances (90) than every other player in the this past season.

Sol Bamba: This has been an emotionally charged affair in light of these dreadful events enclosing the disappearance of Emiliano Sala. Cardiff City’s response was to wear a series to lift the spirits of the whole city – and they did.

Sol Bamba was inspired as anyone in a blue top against a dangerous Bournemouth. Neil Warnock and his boys must be quite proud with the success over the Cherries throughout a really tough period for the club.

Did you know? Only James Tarkowski (36) and Ben Mee (3 1 ) have made more cubes than Sol Bamba (26) one of centre backs at the this past season.

Midfielders – Paul Pogba (Man Utd), Ilkay Gundogan (Man City), Son Heung-min (Spurs)

Paul Pogba, Ilkay Gundogan and Son Heung-min

Paul Pogba: This really wasn’t exactly the very best performance by under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer but it did signal they can win away from home – and also maintain a fresh sheet – with not performed at their very best. Fortunately United did have Paul Pogba at his commanding.

While the rest of his game caused Leicester types of problems the ball for Marcus Rashford was sensational. I’ve awarded untold abuse since his arrival from Juventus but credit to Pogba – since Jose Mourinho’s departure the lad has been immense.

Did you know? Since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s very first game in charge of on 22 December, Paul Pogba has had a submit more premier-league goals than another player (1 1 – six goals, five assists).

Ilkay Gundogan: The ball from Ilkay Gundogan that enabled Raheem Sterling to square for Sergio Ageuro’s second goal was simply magnificent. How any player gets got the capacity to play with a ball is mesmerising.

It had been at the point I knew ’s tries to find anything from the game were unworthy. Meanwhile, ’s defence winning and is rubbish the game at home doesn’t improve matters at the trunk. Their defence needs some surgery.

Did you know? Ilkay Gundogan has already scored as numerous goals this season (four in 1 9 games) since he did at the whole of last season (four at 30 games).

Son Heung-min: thank heavens he is back! South Korea’s exploits at the Asian Cup took a turn. Son Heung Min’s return into the Tottenham line-up was like pouring gasoline.

Spurs looked just like they were running out of petrol. Yeshis goal against Newcastle was fortuitous and his head should hang in pity. However, Son is really a class activity and, missing the Harry Kane, Spurs are lost .

Read about trophies and Spurs from The Crooks of the Matter below.

Did you know? Tottenham’s Son Heung-min is directly engaged in 14 goals in their own past 10 appearances in all competitions for Spurs (eight goals, five assists).

Forwards – Eden Hazard (), Gonzalo Higuain (), Sergio Aguero (Man City)

Eden Hazard, Gonzalo Higuain and Sergio Aguero

Well, if the display against Huddersfield of can be an indication of exactly what he is discussing, his team would be on the perfect path.

Today have installed a proper centre forward at Gonzalo Higuain and allowed Eden Hazard to play with his natural game (which roughly translated means he can do anything he wants) the Blues look more as the team we watched at the start of season.

The difficulty for Sarri is, how can he retain Hazard, 28, from moving to at the end of the season? I think perhaps not.

Did you know? Eden Hazard registered his 200th and 201st goal involvements within his top flight league career (117 goals, 84 assists), with 130 of those coming at .

Gonzalo Higuain: In the beginning, possess a centre forward who does not suffer from stage fright when in front of goal. Alvaro Morata seemed to panic inside that situation, he has been ranked among the very accomplished finishers on the planet, but Gonzalo Higuain, who has replaced the now Spaniard, demonstrated against Huddersfield.

His movement because of his goal was magic. Higuain moved away from this at anticipation of N’Golo Kante’s exquisite pass, Since Huddersfield defender Terence Kongolo has been attracted towards the ball. Game over.

Did you know? striker Gonzalo Higuain has scored 38 goals in 37 league looks under director Maurizio Sarri.

Within my own defence he had been inside it before his 10th premier-league hat-trick was played with by Sergio Aguero for and also his goal.

Whether it’s any consolation, I really don’t know however Reid has been left out for City’s alltime album goal scorer. Sorry Bobby.

Did you know?

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