The No. 2 pick conquer the No. 1 select once New York Giants running Saquon Barkley was named the Offensive Rookie of the Year Saturday at NFL Honors.

Mayfield has been the No. 1 overall pick in this past year’therefore draft, and Barkley was second.

Barkley is your second Giant to amass the honour in the past five years.

It’s not often that the No. 2 overall pick lives as much as the hype instantly. But Barkley may have surpassed overall director Dave Gettleman’s “touched with the hands of God” announcement. His first preseason carry (that travelled to 39 yards along with some teammates confessed convinced them that the hype was real) flashed the potential.

He was the next rookie ever (linking Eric Dickerson and Edgerrin James) to top 2000 yards. He scored 15 total touchdowns, ended second in the league together with 1,307 rushing yards, put a rookie running record with 91 receptions and reached the Pro Bowl in his first season.

“He’s another strain,” Dickerson said in the summer

The NFL found. It required all of one game for Barkley to start stating his case.

It prompted defensive end Calais Campbell to express then game, &ldquo when he could remain fit, he would one day be a Hall of Famer. ”

Barkley vs. Mayfield made to get an intriguing option. Mayfield put the rookie record. The Browns went from winless in 2017 to a seven-win team in 2018.

Mayfield was at the middle of the turn around. He was the very valuable rookie given that the position he plays. But Barkley was the best beginner. He was among the best players at his position that the moment he stepped to the field. The couldn’t be thought of Mayfield.

That is why Barkley would’t had the emptiness of Tampa Bay Buccaneers security Andrew Adams over Mayfield. Adams played with the Giants and Browns this season and was a teammate of Barkley’s spring and summer with all the Giants.

“I would say rdquo, & Saquon; when asked who he thought deserved the honour, Adams replied. “I simply think he’s even explosive. He doesn’t have but when he does, I believe he’s more of a threat than Baker, even though Baker is actually really a quarter back.

’ I & ldquo see Baker with all the ball at his own hands with the ball from his hands than Saquon on. ”

This says a lot, thinking about the praise Adams needed for Mayfield good.


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