The ’s regular season opener in 20-19 could be a conference championship game rematch, no matter what the results are in Super Bowl LIII.

When the Rams win the Superbowl, they could host the Saints from the 20-19 Kick-off game, a league source told . And if the Patriots triumph on Sunday, they could host the Chiefs in the opener, according to the source.

There also are other options for the to consider — both the Seahawks along with Bears as potential competitions for the Rams, and also the Steelers, Cowboys along with Browns for .

However, a conference championship game rematch would be one of the favorites to be played with to start the 20-19 season, depending on Sunday what goes on.

Additionally, there are, based on one source, no assurances that the Super Bowl winner will start the 20-19 season . Because of the festivities surrounding the ’s 100-year celebration, the team could choose to own the Super Bowl champ traveling in Week 1, becoming the first defending champion to open the street as the Ravens played at Denver to start up the 2013 season.


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