, Calif. — A tense post-game scene unfolded at the la Lakers locker-room at Oracle Arena on Saturday following a 115-101 loss to the Golden State Warriors, when trainer contested several players because of their selfish way to the game and they went straight back in their trainer, sources told .

Even the , playing without LeBron James, who was a late scratch due to aggravation, directed the back defending champion Warriors 81-71 mid way through the third quarter until the wheels came off, becoming out scored 44-20 the rest of the way.

Sources told that veterans were criticized by Walton for donating to the ’ downfall by playing a team game and making decisions in crunch time.

By expressing pity with all Walton rotations in 2013 the veterans — signed on one-year contracts last year off season to the — countered Walton’s complaint, sources told .

The confrontation, previously mentioned from The Athletic, was”heated,” based on an origin but calmed down rather quickly. Beasley, who also got into a verbal spat on the sidelines with Walton throughout the ’ 138-128 pm success in Oklahoma City just more than two weeks past, repeatedly known to Walton as”bro” during the market Saturday, that touched a nerve along with the trainer, a source told .

A source familiar with all the confrontation downplayed its significance, but telling ’s Ramona Shelburne,”It got close to becoming out of control, people are almost always emotional following a loss.” And also a source gift to the incident told ’s Ohm Youngmisuk that initial reports of the discord were”way overhyped.”

Luke reported a few matters. Some things were said by the players back. No one was disrespected. Nothing was said.”

Walton’s message was backed by Still another source with all the disagreement that was post-game. “It seems like it had to be said,” the source told .

The taken 7-for-28 from the field in a half and the final quarter Saturday, committing seven turnovers and racking up three assists to all the baskets. Beasley went and McGee travelled 1-for-1 and committed a turnover.

Lance Stephenson, who travelled 1-for-5 together using three turnovers during the unraveling, disputed his involvement from the post-game dust upward, writing on his Instagram narrative:”Media chose to add Lance Stephenson… I’m in a happy place… just favorable. If u planning to compose a narrative have the actual facts please.”

Walton talked to reporters to his team when the Warriors were also making their run.

“That which we talk about, everything we work on, we have to even do this better,” Walton explained. “The ball movement, it’s natural if guys, if another team is really on a run or else they step up their shield, to try to go 1on1. But that merely gets the shield of another team . We got to continue to be aggressive, attack but also to generate others.”

Adding to the pressure the team could feel in 27-26 and pursuing a playoff berth in the Western Conference, the trade deadline is this Thursday and also all of the ’ roster are included in trade rumors surrounding the team’s pursuit of New Orleans Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis.

point guard Rajon Rondo was asked after the Warriors game how players ‘ are handling the situation.

“They seem pretty fine,” he explained. “They’re still in the gym working. They understand at the end of the afternoon no matter where it’s in they’ll still have a job in the . They are learning in this league that trade discussions happen all of the time and each year they’ll be in the game they’ll understand it’s a small company .”


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