Neither Wilson nor the Seahawks have said to one another whether or not they want to expand his deal or just what a possible new contract might seem to be, according to sources.

However, if Wilson and the Seahawks do discuss a deal, and eventually agree on one, it would be likely to function as the greatest in the this off season, likely topping the $33.5 million annual average that the Green Bay Packers awarded quarter back Aaron Rodgers before the 2018 season kicked away.

However, Wilson’s deal, like others may be complicated.

The previous time Wilson and the Seahawks reached agreement on the contract based on July 31, 2015 — that the afternoon training camp was started by Seattle.

The sides could be expecting to be on a deadline this season — also Wilson has a different business to tend to in the meantime. The have been spoken to by him and intends to take part in their spring training, based on a resource.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said throughout his season-ending news conference that he and Wilson spoke about the quarterback’s long run and that an expansion this off season is”greatly in our aims “

Said Wilson, one day after the Seahawks were eradicated by the Dallas Cowboys from the NFC wildcard round:”To be the franchise quarterback of the is a special thing, therefore we’ll see where that goes. I don’t like discussing my contract or anything else like that, but I do believe good things can occur.”

Wilson immediately replied in the affirmative when asked whether he would be ready to play the final year of his arrangement, which could put him able to move year-to-year to the franchise tag out. He’s place to earn $17 million in 20-19.

“Oh yeah, if that’s what I’ve got to accomplish,” he said. “It’s everything and business. I know after the season, I could be considered a free agent, that sort of thing. I don’t believe that way. I see myself being in Seattle. I really like Seattle, and it’s a special spot for me”

’s Brady Henderson contributed to this record.


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