On the exact same date 17 decades later, against the same competitor, Brady, Belichick and captured their sixth Super Bowl championship — putting them in a class by themselves among football’s all time greats — with a 13-3 win. By relying upon their defense they achieved it’d similarities to their approach.

That’s because the crime and Brady, which had been sizzling heading into superbowl LIII, were out played by the Rams’ defense, led by coordinator , into the fourth quarter.

It had been the vital adjustment of the match, as three consecutive completions — Edelman for 13 yards, Burkhead for 2 and Gronkowski for 2-9 — create a Sony Michel touchdown run to break a 3-3 tie.

However, in the end, this is about the defense, which had a feel to it.

Brady in recent weeks struck against, with the veteran QB.

While remained widely admired their play in mid-September and then backtoback declines in December had some wondering when their best days were behind them. Brady explained the feeling and in peril of not getting a first-round playoff bye for its first time in a decade brought back memories of the 2001 season — his next year in the — if weren’t seen as favorites. He used that fuel, and teammates took his cue.

A strong finishing kick of five consecutive wins had playing with their best football when it mattered most, with a scintillating AFC Championship Game victory on the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium offering emotions in Brady seldom seen before. After the game ended, he took his helmet off, raced across the area and jumped into the arms of teammates.

“No one expected us to win this match, and that’s alot the way that it used to feel, before all of the success. It brings different feelings and diverse emotions,” he explained, calling it one of the best joys of his own life.

The emotions were adopted by brady. During a Super Bowl rally using a estimated 35,000 Patriots fans before leaving Atlanta, Brady directed the fans in a chant of”We’re still here! ” After beating the Chiefs, Brady said throughout an on-field meeting on CBS that “everyone thinks we suck and can not win any games”

In a variety of ways, this was a treatment for Brady, who turns 42 in August. He has often said his favorite championship could be the”next one,” and a Lombardi trophy breathes new life into the final stretch of his career.

He enters the final year of his signature in 2019, with a distended salary cap fee of $27 million, so that the contract extension in the offseason is a potential.

The title also enhances the legacies of both Belichick and Brady, who turns 67 in April, since the most prosperous coach tandem of most time.

Brady is in Super Bowls. Brady had entered the match as the super-bowl pioneer in passing yards, completions, pass attempts, touchdowns and also starts. People records were extended by him.

His 30 playoff wins are easily the most together with his idol, Joe Montana, by a starting quarterback in history.

As Belichick, he joins Curly Lambeau and George Halas as the sole head coach with six titles for. He’d been one of four head coaches to acquire five or five championships since the league began postseason play in 1933, however alone to win five Super Bowls.

Brady and Belichick are the pillars of ’ victory, together with owner Robert Kraft, who joins the Rooney family.

Continuity through ups and downs, with Brady and Belichick, has helped drive the achievement.

“I am pretty proud that we’ve been able to maintain our quarterback together for 19 decades,” Kraft said in an interview with in January. “Please God, it is going to be 2 years next calendar year. In the modern age of free agency and people moving in different directions, that’s pretty cool.

“Getting everyone on the exact same page is probably the manner in which you really reach that sweet spot, getting everyone to check their egos at the doorway. That’s true in life. It’s authentic in relationships. It’s true in everything.”

Kraft called Brady”absolutely the greatest player of all time, not just quarterback,” citing his direction and connection with mates who are nearly half his era. Of Belichick, he said,”He is the GOAT of trainers, like our quarterback could be that the GOAT of all quarterbacks. And no one can dispute it”

That becomes even harder to take action after having a superbowl championship that is sixth.


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