The Empress of all Soul added a little extra on Sunday night, causing chaos at the world of sports gambling, where inside advice is merely a portion of the match.

On Friday afternoon, off shore bookmakers and bettors began hearing that Gladys Knight’s rehearsal times for the national anthem were running more than a few. 1 offshore bookmaker received a text from a confidant Friday:”3 rehearsals, n one lip synced.

Bets started turning up throughout the Caribbean at sportsbooks Right after. Most of the bets were small size — $25 or $50 — and the majority of these were on the anthem’s rendition moving the 1-minute , line over.

In 3:30 p.m. Friday, multiple $500 maximum bets on the over revealed up at, an off shore sportsbook situated in Panama.

“After we watched the huge bets can be found in, we guessed there have been rumors,”” BetOnline sportsbook manager Adam Burns told .

Around the same time, Costa Rican-based sportsbook even saw a spike of bets around.

Betting over the length of the national anthem is not permitted at licensed sportsbooks in the U.S., for example from New Jersey and nevada, because bookmakers and authorities worry about inside details. From the foreign world, though, it’s one of the prop bets offered on the superbowl and it has been despite the prospect of escapes.

“The Tt [over the over] was due to leaked info,” Strauss added,”[Offshore] books usually do not pull down it because it’s this integral bet of the superbowl.”

A broadcast host to the Vegas Stats and Information Network, gill Alexander, said he received a text nevertheless the music track Knight could be singing to was right or over at two minutes. Odds on the anthem and the gambling line already moved somewhat by then.

By Sunday, 56 minutes had increased by eight seconds, from 1 minute. BetOnline, that opened the line at 1 minute chose not to correct enough time, but to instead increase the vigorish to bet the over. Bettors who wanted to reverse the over were now charged minus-300, meaning that they were required to risk $300 for a 100 net win, after opening at minus-120.

The escape was the first region of the controversy. The second”brave” stretched the song over 2 minutes by a few points. Some, but not all, sportsbooks over bets the winners, rated. Other books, for example BetOnline, had rules in place suggested the song is considered over after”the note’brave’ ends for the very first time.”

BetOnline odds-makers ruled that she ended the initial’brave’ at 1 minute, 49.5 minutes, that could have made the under the winner. The company elected to cover both the over and under.

Thousands and thousands of dollars have been wagered over the national anthem.


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