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The Olympic tournament will start on July 24th, 20 20. Two tickets taken: 1 to get its host — Japan using all the Icelandic head trainer, Dagur Sigurðsson, and 3 players that perform abroad — two in France, Adam Yuki Baig in Cesson Rennes MHB, Remi Anri Doi out of Chartres and 1 in Hungary, Shinnosuke Tokuda out of Dabas VSE KC. The team, as we all know, will be the world champions and the amazing champions for the very first time — .

The Danes is going to be, without any uncertainty, candidates that are major but they would like to know who is going to be the opponents. From the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal there are 12 teams in the Olympic Games. As always, the world-championship ’s place simply take 6 tickets into the Olympic Games qualification. 

For the 20 20 eligibility, , France, , Sweden, Croatia and Spain took that tickets. From the eligibility phase, 6 teams may combine the world and continents winners, also this is the primary Olympic point. They both took a ticket that was continental.

The differences between 2020 and the 2016 Olympic Games will be the teams that finished in 2nd-7th regions and places in the world championship. Every one of the teams that finished in the 2nd-7th places in the 20-19 world-championship are all now an. The 8th place from Africa, Egypt, and also the 9th from the Pan-American — .

It’s realistic that the an championship will be won by a number of the upcoming teams: Sweden, , France, , , Croatia Or Spain and then the eligibility will be got by Egypt . However , if Egypt will acquire the African championship in Tunisia next year so the eligibility ticket out of the entire world championship will go to the 9th place — , and when Washington Nunes’s players will win the 20-19 Pan American Games in Peru — thus the last Olympic eligibility from the environment championship goes to Hungary and the legendary Captain — Laszlo Nagy.

This is not the end: the exact same situation usually means that Pan-American and Africa get another Olympic eligibility ticket. Bear in mind that in the 2016 Olympic games eligibility in thus Arena,
Gdańsk/Sopot — The African American vice winners afterward, Tunisia, beat Macedonia 32:26 and took the Olympic tickets together with Poland.

Qatar — the entire whole world season of 2020 is likely to soon be fascinating if we think that the champions surprised!


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