While Atlantis will equip the tournament with beanie hats and caps erreà will provide team wear to Promoter staff and -TV crew members.

Erreà is currently a company by the Parma region that was set up in 1988. It’s a powerful background of providing sports clothing such as , basketball and football in addition to motorsport.

Its clothing has to withstand the rigours of extreme conditions, ranging from an outdoor cold temperatures in Sweden’s harshness into the heat of a summertime.

The ’s High Definition fanwear collection will also have clothing.

Erreà provides bespoke team clothes for crew

“ both and Erreà share the same values and they produce a dynamic duo that’s efficient and determined to achieve great results throughout the entire year that’s just begun.

 he added.

Atlantis is certainly one of the primary cap manufacturers in and it has produced at least a hundred million headwear items since being set.


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