In 1967, middleweight boxer Rubin’Hurricane’ Carter and John Artis were convicted of murder from the USA. Before being published , they spent in prison, maintaining their innocence. BBC World Service has investigated the murders – at the Lafayette Bar and Grill in Paterson, New Jersey – Within Their podcast series The Hurricane Tapes. This is their story.

Of all the folks we met, Fred Hogan was – and is – one of the biggest personalities.

We spent the hour-and-a-half drive from Manhattan to New Jersey thinking why Rubin Carter and John Artis had filmed this guy’Chipmunk’.

It took us less than one minute to work out it.

Hogan is one. Point right’s in and out walking point abandoned out and seeming .

He bombards us with questions regarding everything from sandwich fillings – exactly what exactly did we prefer? – for Halloween to your plans. The giant pumpkin flag hanging outside his front door is something to behold.

The one thing louder than Hogan is that a that’s come into your house. Hogan’s best friend, Jeff, spends an hour or so trying to hunt down it.

Then we’re taking in Hogan’s shrine to Carter.

It includes priceless memorabilia – a urn containing a glove which belonged to undefeated world champion and a few of Carter’s ashes – awarded to Hogan by Carter.

But probably the prized ownership will not take a seat on the wall.

It’s an eye.

“Many people think that it’s morbid,” Hogan says. No kidding.


Hogan is the man who chose up Carter and Artis once all trust had been lost by them. He’s the researcher that tracked both eye witnesses who testified against him and convinced them to admit they had whined down.

He might portray himself however this really is a man who faced down Arthur Dexter Bradley while he brandished a base ball bat and also got him to sign a paper saying he hadn’t ever seen Carter or even Artis.

How can he get it done? In court, Hogan was accused of committing the 2 men for the recantations. That suggestion has been always denied by him – and wasn’t charged with wrongdoing.

Hogan personified expect. When it wasn’t for him, carter was convinced that he would have expired in prison.

He was the first man when nobody else was curious, to come to their aid, and then he did so when their case went no where.

It’s very difficult to not enjoy Hogan. Just a week goes by without an email or a telephone but introducing him to some Smart-phone calling can prove to be the best – and worst – choice of this show …


Every week,” BBC Sport will print a new article to coincide with the most recent installment of The Hurricane Tapes. A feature piece in the BBC World Service’s investigation will be released at the end of the collection. Since author Ken Klonsky listed a collection of conversations with Carter because of his book Eye Of The Hurricane: My Course From Darkness On 34, the tapes were missing for almost a decade. The music have been heard by anyone other than Ken and Rubin Carter.


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