CINCINNATI — New Ben-Gals head trainer Zac Taylor knows the contrasts to Sean McVay should come early and often. Taylor not spent two years working together with McVay being an assistant for its Los Angeles Rams, but they are also similar in age. In 35 and 33, respectively, McVay and Taylor will be the youngest head coaches in the league.

Considering McVay took the Rams to the Super Bowl in just his second year a number of teams have poached supporters from the staff of McVay hoping for similar results. Taylor said he’s very thankful to McVay for helping him throughout the interview process that year along with committing his shooter. But he’s certainly not wanting to maintain him.

“He had been an incredible resource while the process unfolded. One question I had, he had been an open book… that which he travelled through. So, no he was not pushing me along. He knew I needed to become a head coach. And he wanted me to be a head trainer,” Taylor said. “When the interview request came , he did sit down and say’This is what I travelled through. Here.’

“But at the exact identical time, if I decide to make an effort to be Sean McVay, I’m likely to fail. We’re diverse folks, to be honest with you. I’ve heard a lot from him, but I will be Zac Taylor and perform my own way. And perhaps maybe never my manner, it is the way? Everyone else’s on precisely exactly the exact identical page and we’re likely to have the maximum out of everyone here.”

Taylor and McVay both result out of offensive histories and Taylor intends to call their own plays such as McVay does. But if he needed to emulate McVay, it could really be difficult considering their personalities are different.

“Sean is a very energetic personality. He walks in front of a room and also he energizes this room. And that is the personality of Sean. I booked. That’s how the way that I am. Therefore I’m not going to make an effort to be Sean. Sean is spectacular in their way and I’m definitely going to perform it how I’m comfortable with and it has got me until now,” Taylor said.

“[Sean] affects everybody else he’s around. It’s more than just scheme. He is brilliant at creating mismatches, but it’s one which he receives the most out of coaches, players and those people that are about him every single day. I’ve always felt that is essential. Sean is another illustration of doing this exactly the right way and great stuff will happen.”

McVay told reporters on Tuesday he doesn’t expect Taylor carrying any supporters from the staff together with him. Taylor was mother on any specific candidates, however, he wanted”amazing educators, concise communicators, outside-the-box members and individuals who are not reluctant to deviate from the norm.”

Taylor said he had been more interested in the type of people being hired than the specific strategies they might bring with themwhich is also.

“Everyone felt appreciated. No idea was idiotic or too great for part of the plan,” he said. “Everyone felt as though their role was crucial. It’s simple to arrive at work every single day whenever you feel as there’s value to everything you’re doing and you feel appreciated therefore you try to determine that identical culture there.”


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