In an tweet issued from the team’s accountit offered a glimpse of what seems like a fresh front wing decorated with a pattern.

Accompanying the image, Mercedes said: “Silver is really last season…”


If the brand new colours extend beyond the front wing, or Even though the team has not elaborated on its plans for its W10, Tweet and the layout could be a clue from exactly what it’s streak 48, that Mercedes is currently opting for some thing this season.

Mercedes is due to unveil its fresh W10 on February 1-3, before the earliest official evaluation taking place at Barcelona in February 18. However, the team might not run the livery in analyzing as it appears at the launching.

With the blueprint reminiscent of a design livery that road car manufacturers use to disguise the design theories, it could be that Mercedes is intending to cover its work.  Red Bull famously conducted the camouflage livery on its car.

The colours might at least make it harder for teams to grab and copy some fine details of this Mercedes, with teams having devoted lots of resources to optimizing front and rear wings.

Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull Racing RB11

Daniel Ricciardo

Photo by: Sutton Images