Omer Solmaz vs. Felix Schiffarth
Abubakar Sabirov vs. Jelloul Halhoul
Khurshed Kakhorov vs. Stipe Brcic
Maurice Adorf vs. Ridvan Nuka

AL: The primary event of German MMA Championship 18 in Hamburg this past Saturday had a stunning finish and contributed to a scene with Lots of possibility for calamity:

It’s apparent that Schiffarth was done and that I applaud his corner. Unfortunately, the didn’t even see it, and we nearly had a Diaz/Miller situation develop.

JM: that’s a wild scene. Full commendations to Schiffarth’s corner for throwing in the towelas MMA corners do that far less frequently than they need to, but I’m yearning na go one step further, solid job by them to jump at the crate. The ref demonstrably overlooked so and the towel that corner man needed rsquo his fighter;s back and jumped . The flip side are the ones who escalated the problem by coming in when this one guy obviously wasn’t even hoping to initiate a brawl.

Oh, and whoever it was came in after things were settled down and was waving the flag around, rsquo & he;s the actual hero. He’s here to party.

AL: And what a party it was! Instead of a brawl, we have the scene of Solmaz being tossed around just like he’s in a Rancid concert circa 1995.

This clip not so happy for Jelloul Halhoul that is light weight.

JM: That is such a Wonderful KO from Abubakar Sabirov.

Halhoul has been having victory throwing that right hand if Sabirov & rsquo; s back was against the weapon and marching right down Sabirov. Regrettably for Halhoul, he was ducking his head on those ideal hands and it was picked on by Sabirov. I’m fairly certain counter knee has been intended to grab Halhoul’s mind as he ducked in but it ended up being deadlier and landed right in the sweetspot on the liver. Tremendous things from Sabirov.

AL: I’m wondering exactly what would happen if he’d hit his mind.

Recently, we spotlighted a knock out where one fighter did a poor job of protecting their face and head area while opting to get a leg lock, leading to their passing. Stipe Brcic fell prey to that exact identical tunnelvision, hanging for a single leg like his life.

As it turns out his life did rely upon it. And then he didn&rsquo. Therefore this happened:

JM: 1 evening that a much better journalist than I’m will go back and execute a report on the responses of fighters and also figure out what the best defense mechanism is when you’r e trashed.

In the event you’r e a wrestler and may find a takedown, obviously that are the best method to get time to recuperate. However, rsquo;d I bet that the amounts would show that if you’re not at the very top wrestler, holding on a single leg is the idea to get a hurt fighter. It puts your mind and also you ’re maybe not even close that you’re currently crowding rsquo & your competitor;s functionality. Kakhorov has day to find his perspectives and bludgeon Brcic as rsquo & Brcic;so is teed him up.

Additionally, credit to Kakhorov. That follow up shot as slumps on lands to the floor and rolls! This needs spike to be hit by a whole good deal of coordination and he also did. Great showing from the bantamweight that is .

AL: One more clip from Hamburg, we composed this up for the website on the weekend, but if anyone missed it here’s glorious Conor McGregor imitator Maurice Adorf for action.

I’t seen any comments saying they don’t even see the similarity, which makes me think rsquo & they didn;t even look past the screenshot. Nonot every fighter with a torso tattoo and this particular hairstyle certainly are conor-mcgregor.

But yes, calling a fighter with that hairstyle and torso tattoo who bounces around in a quasi-karate position having an emphasis on his power hand is fair match.

Does this belief rate to Suitable 12 from 1?

JM: If this guy’s title wasn’t even perilously near to at least one of the oddest names in history, the UFC might have already signed him.

That really is really uncanny but perhaps not entirely unexpected. Whatever your ideas he could be a excellent fighter and visiting fighters come up in their own mold is usually always to be expected. Is this the best look-alike from the weekend? I presumed yoursquo;d be partial to this one.

AL: Two joyful Washington boys, no less! I’m fixated on Michael Chiesa’s Jason “White Chocolate” Williams shirt.

Stillhe, Daniel Bryan, Bryan’s hemp/wood/stones championship buckle, it’s fabulous.

JM: No, what’so fabulous is the immediacy with which karma reared its head in the Kyler Phillips-Emeka Ifekandu struggle at LFA 5-9 in Phoenix past Friday.

Phillips’ turning back kick misses, inducing Ifekandu to start with some “we’r e throwing spinning shit today ” jawing however he never gets to complete because Phillips goes topside together along with his perfect shin and bodies him. Ifekandu might not have now been murdered if his hands were up instead of shrugging.

It should be noted, Phillips’s follow up punch was prohibited. Hammerfist to the back part of the head.

AL: you understand I love me some “fighter awakens opponent to create it fighter instantly becoming pulverized” actions, but that I don’t think even Ifekandu deserved exactly what happened to him here. This really is really a walk off opportunity for Phillips and instead he moved rsquo Funkin &; GoNuts on Ifekandu’s dome. Lousy appearance.

Nevertheless, Phillips can be a fascinating bantamweight prospect who has recently dipped his toes in to UFC oceans with looks on and season 27 of. He’s 2-3 years old before getting a second crack at the big 35, and with all The MMA Laboratory behind him he should develop into a robust presence in the arena.

Before we proceed ahead, ” I wished to highlight some fun bantamweight struggle between Kevin Natividad and Andy Perez. Perez struggles such as a whole A-hole and that I mean this as a compliment.

JM: Natividad almost hauled off the double leg shield to measure over rear simply take. That is awesome and deserves praise, especially since he was able to make it work out for him any way.

AL: I wish we had a better clip to showcase Perez’S-style, it’s like Natividad has been fighting a wavy tube man. It didn plus natividad won to improve to 8-1 ’t even look like he had much pleasure doing it.

JM: Talking about trendy (SEAMLESS TRANSITION! ) ) , Quintet happened on the weekend in Tokyo and, as expected, some gnarly grapples was included with it, the obvious person being Shutaro Debana hitting on a flying armbar over MMA legend Ikuhisa Minowaman.

AL: As a grappling casual, ” I arrived for the Minowaman and remained for the nasty submissions.

“Oh, Hideo Tokoro, you have almost 70 expert fights? 20 submission wins? Just how cute. You sleep now. ”

JM: Quintet is mad and I really like it. Do you realize Minowaman fought as high? And Tokoro is a bantamweight? Debana hustled unique weight types of fighter. That’so awesome.

AL: AL Who could forget Minowaman’s legendary Super Hulk grand-prix run in 2009, a tournament that featured such luminaries like Hong Man Choi, Bob Sapp, and, uh, Jose Canseco.

JM: Yeah man, I wasn’t counting super heavyweight. Debana’s legend grows.

As impressive as Debana was, the star from rsquo & Sunday;s show was Ghana’s Rida Haisam. Based out of Tokyo, Haisam was just recently awarded his black belt in BJJ (though he’d been competing in that level for a while already and destroyed several dudes within his Quintet introduction past summer) and then he ’s becoming one of those promotion’s stars.

Here he could be not possible to snap Declan Moody’s leg.

JM: Much like myself, it appears Rida Haisam excels in easy transitions.

Haisam is excellent andI won’t even pretend to be a hardcore, but undoubtedly appears to be a possibility. He’s been leading and that I imagine if he so chose, they could transition that success into even MMA and other promotions.

Quintet events are offered for replay on UFC Fight Pass.

AL: now we zip over to Seoul to get Angel’s Fighting Championship 10 (full fights available on their YouTube), which took place last Monday.

I don’t even wish to feed that all Korean fighters are hardheaded sluggers, but the proof is in the pudding, at least at the degrees that are lower. Bless Chul Hyun Jung for wanting to absolutely scrap with Ji Won Kang.

His mind was willing. His body, not too far:

What is it in 20-19 which produces fighters wish to get subscribe to no reason. Because proved to be this a nothingburger of a punch, and also this one is just gloomy. A baby left nonetheless & rsquo; s and Jung coming is caught by it.

AL: He might have been ready to shoot it in case he hadn’t chosen to block the first couple of couple punches together along with his cranium.


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