boss considers this season’s title race”will not be decided before last fixture or 2″.

Successive pulls against Leicester and also me an leaders will be overtaken by City on goal difference if they triumph at Everton on Wednesday.

Third-placed are five things off top spot – but have both teams above them left to play.

City sponsor Leicester and have reached Brighton in their last two league matches.

The past two fittings of sees them travel to before playing Wolves at Anfield on 12 May, the last day of the league season. sponsor on the last moment and have reached Bournemouth May.

City’s game against has been awaiting from 23 February, as the side of Guardiola drama the following day at the Carabao Cup final.

This indicates ’s game at the hand, which will be played on precisely the identical day, are at in-form manchester-united.

City have been guaranteed to end the summer season having played at least seven more matches than the side of , Since were knocked out at the stage of cup competitions.

That number will grow should they hit the FA Cup quarter finals, as they face Schalke whilst City have an even favourable draw in the final 16. possess a tussle.

Guardiola accepts the additional workload can count contrary to his players, especially in what he calls the”terrible month” of February, when the competing priorities of four competitions must be balanced.

He says that his side cannot look beyond but, if they could complete that, and then Sunday’s home game with , City will soon be receiving towards the main point where they are able to begin to consider decorations, understanding they still have a possibility of completing an unparalleled quadruple.

“it will take a enormous mental effort to be consistent within every single competition, when you understand, in case you lose a single game, you are able to lose that contest.

“In precisely the exact same time, when you get to March, the days are longer, the sun is outside, the practice sessions will be in better conditions and you’ll be able to take a coffee outside. Because you realise you are able to certainly do some thing special if you are in four competitions it’s an extra and.

“However now, we’re not in that location “