Three running backs were hammered at the 2018 draft’s first round.

If you’re trying to find a picture of Penny’s rookie season with the Seahawks, the match could do.

In the third quarter in their wildcard loss to the Dallas Cowboys, Penny took a hand off, left a subtle cut at the backfield to get outside and subsequently turned on the jets because he split a couple of defenders on his path into some 28-yard run.

His three features gained a net of just one yard and he played with with only five of the 55 offensive of Seattle snaps that evening, the most affluent of the four tailbacks who compensate to the Seahawks.

It had been that kind of year for Penny, an occasional display however more inaction. And while his final regular-season figures were not all that awful in their own — 419 yards, two touchdowns and a 4.9 yards-per-carry ordinary that was most useful one of their running backs — Penny’s debut was not what anyone had in your mind after the Seahawks decided him 27th overall.

No one who paid attention idea it had been a foregone conclusion that Penny would promise that the starting job right away, to be sure. It looked even less likely when Chris Carson split himself from the remainder of the backfield over the off season, revealing that he had been all of the way back by the leg injury that cut short his promising rookie season. And it had been out of this question entirely at that full time Penny missed the last few weeks of training camp with a broken finger that, in coach Pete Carroll’s wordsleft him”rusty” early in this summer growing season.

The bigger disappointment was that Penny couldn’t overtake Mike Davis while the uncomplicated No. 2. As a result, he averaged about 1 3 snaps in his 14 games. He did not play at all in 2 , not counting the 2 he missed with a knee injury at December and played with fewer than 10 snaps three times.

Comments from Pete Carroll around Mid Season indicated that Penny was not employing himself to. This was the belief Carroll abandoned when he said Seattle’s coaches were pushing Penny and”challenging him to acquire .” Carroll seemed pleased about Penny, who turned 23 managed the modification as the season moved .

“He did really well,” Carroll said in his final news conference of this summer growing season. “He has been growing through the process. Like it really is for the people it had been a jump for him personally. It’s a jump to be in the limelight, especially if you’re a No. 1 pick and everybody else sets the expectations and pressure on you. There’s a lot going on. You got to really go through it. He is a kid.

“[Rookie defensive end] Rasheem Green is 2 1. He is a kid, although I actually don’t understand how older Rashaad is at this time. There’s so much before the guys. Every day was a learning experience to him personally and also to see what it’s really like. They are not playing behind guys who’ve been here for 10 years that could tell them all that and the ropes or even eight or six decades. They are learning with guys. Chris simply had his first full season playing. These guys are all learning together and so they’re growing well together.”

An rookie season is close enough evidence to write off a higher draft pick. The Seahawks possess some cases, all by the next round.

It’s too soon to tell with Penny, but his potential was never more evident than when he rushed for 108 yards and a touchdown on only 12 carries when Carson was sidelined against the Rams at November. There were additional flashes, such as his 30-yard run the next week against Green Bay when he scale all the way over the field and covered 82.3 metres of actual space, according to adjacent Gen Stats.

He then recovered the burst he had in practice camp and lost weight.

“Huge strides,” Schottenheimer said of Penny on Dec. 20. “Learning the Play Book, No. 1, was a challenge for him learning and coming all of the various things that individuals do. These certainly were very, not easy, however these certainly were oriented in State so that was a huge thing. We’ve always known he’s talented. I do believe people think it’s only going to show for him personally. Particularly when you’re playing multiple guys it really doesn’t. The look in his attention now, the confidence when he’s in and rehabbing meetings when I am sitting there and I am conversing with him or I am asking him a question. There’s a quiet confidence where maybe in early August and sometimes even early October, I would ask him a question and he’d have to consider it I’d be looked at by him and now he spits the answer out. It only includes the maturation means of a beginner.”

It’s not tough to assume Penny factoring. Davis, who left about $1.5 million in 2018, is one of those group 14 unrestricted free agents and statistics to find a much better opportunity elsewhere than that which the Seahawks will be happy to provide him. They will h to find out what they have in Penny plus they wont require a veteran tailback as insurance just as far if these certainly weren’t quite certain how Carson would return from his injury, as they did this past off season.

Carroll may possibly experienced that eventuality at the back of his mind after he looked before a”one-two punch” in running back next season — i.e. Carson and Penny — before amending his comment.

It’s entirely fair to presume the Seahawks erred in drafting Penny as highly because they did as opposed to covering a situation of greater need such as defensive end, although the justification was clear during the moment. Of creating any back that high given a rounds have yielded plenty including Carson, a seventh-rounder and you’re able to question the dom.

In any event, Penny is an intriguing prospect, one the Seahawks figure to ask in Year 2 than they did during his rookie season that is quiet.

“Only be around again,” Carroll said if asked what Penny needs to do be of one factor in 20-19,”proceed through the whole off season, hope for a healthy body and only compete. He is going to be good. He demonstrated it [against Dallas]. He is going to be a player for people. It gives us a tremendous one two punch punch. We have mixes to throw at you along with our guys. Your competition, we’ll play that out.”


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