The championship circular runs from 14 — 17 February in the Värmland region in central Sweden and over the border in Norway, both areas that are in the clasp of a winter.

“we now have loads of snow, so it has quite nice states throughout the rally area, at the southernmost stage in Karlstad,” Olsson told

But while there’s absolutely no shortage of snow on the earth, Olsson is trusting for the late arrival of an additional coating of ice hockey on the roads that are gravel.

“the current weather for the last few months was quite unusual; instead of a mix of cold, warmer and snowy days it has stayed  really cold since Christmas. This means plenty of snow, and we have not got the amount of ice on the roads that we would anticipate,” he explained.

“What we hope for now are some warm days, which it looks like we should get this weekend. The snow may melt down to ice hockey and give us stronger roads to your tyres to bite.”

Some of the replicated segments of the rally, including the rally-opening Karlstad Super Special, already are thanks to a process.

“We’ve been mowing the streets to build up the ice base, typically it’s 10cm — 15cm on the superb special,” Olsson stated.

“we now also have watered the conclusion of this Torsby and Torsby Sprint stages, around the segments which can be used a lot. With roads it’s impossible to water them all, but we expect we receive some help out of this weekend to produce icehockey.

“Still it’s really, really excellent. We shouldn’t complain. It’s a gorgeous winter wonderland all around, but we always aim to your absolute best terms,” he included.

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